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IT Consulting Services

Let’s face it: Many IT departments operate reactively rather than proactively. Often understaffed, overworked, and overwhelmed, the IT team does not have much time for strategic planning to future-proof their business against rapidly changing digital solutions, cyber security protocols, and compliance standards. With tickets in abundance, IT staff have little to no time to acquire the new skills required to implement the latest technologies necessary to contend with competitors in the current digital transformation of all markets.

Save time and effort with IT consulting from NexusTek, an award-winning managed service provider (MSP). Our IT consulting team listens to your business’ technology needs and wants in order to devise the optimal plan to execute your vision with top-of-the-line products and services from best-in-class vendors. From projects to deploy small network modifications, to major undertakings such as a complete infrastructure overhaul, NexusTek’s technology consulting team is prepared to help define and meet your IT, cloud, and cybersecurity objectives.

What is IT consulting?

IT consulting is the service of providing Information Technology (IT) expertise and skills to strategically plan a company’s deployment, use, advancement, and maintenance of network systems, software, hardware, cloud environments, and cyber security solutions and processes to achieve business goals and overall growth. An IT consulting company works with a client to analyze its business objectives and provide the strategic plan, budget forecast, and recommended technology solutions to successfully help further the client’s business capabilities and operational success.

What areas of IT consulting services does NexusTek cover?

Ranked among the top MSPs in the country, NexusTek provides IT consulting services in a variety of specialized fields, including network architecture, infrastructure, cybersecurity and cyber resilience, cloud solutions, business continuity, disaster recovery, virtualization strategies, Microsoft solutions, and more.

Expert IT Consulting

Our expert IT consultants will assess and evaluate your business’ current IT systems and business operations to provide applicable technology recommendations that address your business’ needs and help you leverage IT to reach your goals. Your success is our success.

IT Roadmap

NexusTek’s IT consulting team will develop an IT roadmap to outline how current and future technologies can drive efficiency in your business. Our IT consultants assess how projected technology trends will impact your company’s long-term strategies, preparing your company for shifting tools and compliance standards.

Virtual CIO

NexusTek’s virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) services help clients strategize their IT systems and security, develop IT policies and procedures, scope key IT modernization projects, and more. Our vCIOs provide strategic IT consulting and thought leadership without the cost of a full-time CIO salary.

IT Budget Planning

Stuck in a budget bind? NexusTek’s IT consultants leverage their certified expertise to supply an external perspective that creatively and intelligently tackles your business’ most pressing technology costs and projects appropriate budget goals for future IT initiatives.

IT Project Management

Whether your business needs small network modifications or a complete infrastructure overhaul, NexusTek’s IT consulting team handles everything from requirements gathering through planning and execution, so that your company can focus on its core business.

Benefits of NexusTek’s IT Consulting Services

Trusted by thousands of businesses for over two decades, NexusTek is a national IT consulting company and IT outsourcing solutions provider. Our experienced IT consultants and certified engineers design strategic IT roadmaps and holistic technology solutions to improve business continuity, productivity, operational efficiency, and cost-effectiveness for companies across the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and the United Kingdom. Enhance your organization today with an IT consulting plan from NexusTek to maximize your technology performance and advance your business goals.

Future-Proof Your Business IT with IT Consulting Services from NexusTek to:


As an award-winning national provider of managed IT services and full IT outsourcing solutions, NexusTek acts not only as your technology vendor, but also as your trusted technology partner. Our IT consulting experts work with your business to identify areas for improvement in your IT and create action plans to advance your digital transformation journey. Year after year, NexusTek earns its SSAE 18 SOC II certification, adhering to rigorous, industry-accepted auditing standards so that we can ensure our customers’ security as well as offer knowledgeable advice on developing compliant IT practices that protect our clients’ businesses.

NexusTek’s IT consulting services can augment your in-house IT resources in a variety of ways. Many IT departments are understaffed and overwhelmed. Often only having time to operate reactively rather than proactively, IT staff may struggle to allocate the bandwidth to conduct long-term strategic IT planning or complete projects necessary to stay level with changing technologies. Predictably, IT staff who are overworked and overwhelmed are likely to develop burnout, leading to turnover that sets your business even further behind in its efforts to keep up with the constant changes of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

In contrast, an IT consulting company has the bandwidth and expertise necessary to appropriately devise a strategic IT plan that jumpstarts or enhances your organization’s digital transformation journey. IT consulting companies can recommend scalable solutions that future-proof your business amid the changing tides of technology. NexusTek’s IT consulting team complements your in-house IT team, delivering the insights and expertise your business needs to actualize technology objectives that will keep your IT at the top of the market.

Yes, most definitely, and in fact, NexusTek often provides IT consulting to companies that already possess executive level technology leadership. As most CIOs undoubtedly recognize, the Fourth Industrial Revolution is rapidly advancing technologies and business practices across all markets; according to a Dynatrace study, 61% of CIOs state their IT environment changes every minute or less, and 32% say it changes every second.

With the fast pace of advancing technology and shifting compliance standards, even experienced CIOs find it difficult to stay abreast of all the changes. A survey by Vanson Bourne found that 56% of CIOs are almost never able to complete all their company IT needs. Partnering with NexusTek for IT consulting helps you keep pace by giving your company additional technology leadership that always remains faithful to the strategic vision your own CIO has developed. In other words, our IT consultants will not “step on your toes” when it comes to technology consulting.

Our IT consultants understand the importance of maintaining a solid cyber security posture and can assist your company to keep pace with the constantly changing security landscape. With cybercriminals growing more sophisticated each day and new threats stemming from emerging trends like Internet of Things (IoT) and bring-your-own-device (BYOD) work practices, companies need to work harder than ever to stay ahead of security threats. Businesses are dependent upon expert cyber security and cyber resilience management not only for their own company’s security but also for national security.

In addition to identifying gaps in your cyber security, NexusTek’s technology consultants can also create an IT roadmap to cyber security and cyber resilience for your business. Our vCIOs and certified engineers can provide cyber security and cyber resilience assessment, strategic planning, and expert advice on IT security measures and procedures. In addition, our IT consultants can help your business develop or improve its incident response plan. We dive deep into your business operations, goals, and needs to recommend best-in-class technology solutions that will fortify and further your company.

NexusTek’s IT consulting team can assist with creating or enhancing your business’ cloud strategy, with assessments and resulting recommendations to address your cloud computing needs at any stage. At the most foundational level, our IT consultants can provide a cloud readiness assessment to help your business plan for cloud migration to reduce your on-premises IT footprint. Our cloud experts can also assist you to understand the comparative benefits of private, public, hybrid, and multi-cloud solutions, equipping you to select the optimal cloud environments and service types for your workloads.

Our IT consultants can also provide assessment and recommendations related to modernizing your IT infrastructure, which helps you to identify cloud-based applications to improve productivity and collaboration. As remote and hybrid work become the norm for more and more businesses, our IT consultants often assist with devising and implementing cloud-based solutions that allow employees to work from anywhere. Finally, our IT consulting team can even assist with identifying cloud-based infrastructure that best aligns with your company’s strategic business goals, helping you to get the most strategic value out of your technology investment.

IT consulting services can help to increase your company’s profitability in a number of ways. Our experts can conduct thorough assessments of your IT spend, identifying unnecessary licensing, higher-than-average device or user support costs, and areas of IT inefficiency. Based on the findings of the assessment, our experts will provide immediately executable steps that your company can take to make more efficient use of your technology budget.

NexusTek’s IT consultants can also recommend and implement business continuity and disaster recovery solutions, which help your business to avoid costly downtime and data loss. Furthermore, our IT consulting team can assist with developing cloud computing strategies, which reduce costs by reducing your need to purchase and maintain on-premises infrastructure. In fact, McKinsey & Company found that implementation of cloud computing can reduce IT overhead costs by 30-40%.

IT consulting and managed services work hand-in-hand, but there are subtle differences between them. NexusTek’s IT consultants evaluate your business needs and goals and make tailored recommendations to your IT environment to address current concerns and future plans. While IT consulting services are focused on achieving specific IT goals, managed services are delivered on an ongoing basis to ensure that designated IT systems are maintained and updated as needed to function optimally.

NexusTek offers IT consulting services with its experienced engineers but also delivers fully outsourced or co-managed services, from end-user services and managed IT to cloud environments, cyber security, and more, making NexusTek your answer for end-to-end IT services, including expert technology advice, trustworthy implementation and maintenance, and passionate customer service.

Future-proof your business with two decades of experience and hundreds of specialized engineers at NexusTek.