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Managed Help Desk Services

Our engineers keep your IT healthy and running smoothly for optimal competitiveness, maximum efficiency, and the best employee experience.

What Are Managed Help Desk Services?

Managed help desk services function much like a company’s own internal IT help desk. The main difference is that managed help desk services are provided from an offsite location operated by a managed IT services provider, such as NexusTek. When a company partners with a managed IT support services provider, its employees can call or email the managed help desk to obtain assistance with their technology questions and problems.

NexusTek Managed Help Desk Services

When IT issues arise, NexusTek Managed Help Desk offers real-time support to get your employees back on track and working productively. Whether it’s a forgotten password, trouble accessing the shared drive, or something more serious, IT issues decrease productivity, frustrate your employees, and even impact the quality of service you provide to customers. Be the best possible version of your business with our highly qualified engineers on your side.

Choose from 3 different levels of support:

3 Tiers


Optional Upgrades​


*Support for Tier 3 issues will be subject to T&M.

​ FAQs

Our help desk engineers are all NexusTek employees—not contractors—who provide technical support from locations within the United States. Our commitment to quality customer service is central to our core values, which we instill in our employees at all levels. Because we aim to make every contact with customers a positive experience, we wouldn’t rely on outsourced engineers for our help desk services. Your satisfaction is far too important to us.

NexusTek’s IT help desk services are available to resolve your employees’ technology issues 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Across the whole array of tier 1, 2, and 3 technical support needs, NexusTek’s help desk service engineers are available with the solutions your employees need to stay on task and productive. Whether your employees are facing printing problems, viruses, connectivity issues, problems synchronizing with mobile devices, or difficulty navigating applications, NexusTek’s IT experts can help.

Yes, absolutely. Many businesses that employ an in-house IT team need supplemental support to stay on top of employee support tickets. Our white label help desk service gives your IT team the extra help it needs, offering a seamless experience to employees needing support. With the extra help desk support there when you need it, your IT team can focus on strategic initiatives without frequent interruptions.

NexusTek’s Managed Help Desk engineers have the training and experience to assist your employees to resolve a wide range of IT needs, from basic problems to more complex and challenging IT issues. Our engineers commonly handle issues like:

  • I forgot my password
  • The printer won’t print
  • My computer is running slow
  • I can’t access the shared drive
  • I need to synchronize my mobile device with Microsoft Outlook
  • I can’t connect to my company’s Wi-Fi

The difference between the tiers of technical support is one of difficulty. IT issues are classified as tier 1 issues when they are basic and easily solved. On the other hand, tier 2 and 3 issues are more complex and require a higher level of analysis and troubleshooting to res