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Managed Help Desk Services

Your people and productivity depend on the efficiency of your business technology.

What Are Managed Help Desk Services?

Managed help desk services work much like a company’s own internal IT help desk. The main difference is that managed help desk services are provided from an offsite location operated by a managed IT services provider, such as NexusTek. When a company partners with a managed IT support services provider, its employees can call or email the managed help desk to obtain assistance with their technology questions and problems.

Businesses that utilize managed help desk services can outsource their employees’ level 1 and 2 IT support requests to their managed IT support services provider. When employees need support, they contact the managed help desk services provider through a ticketing system, using phone or email. The IT help desk service engineer then talks with the employee to learn more about the IT issues they are observing. Based on the nature of the technical issues, the help desk service engineer then provides step-by-step instructions as appropriate to resolve the problem.

Rely on NexusTek’s U.S. - Based Help Desk for Live Assistance When You Need It

For many small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), handling technical support issues can occupy a sizable portion of their IT managers’ time, even cutting into evenings and weekends. Partnering with NexusTek for your IT help desk services gives your internal IT team some breathing room, allowing them to focus on higher-value IT activities that help to advance your company’s larger business goals.

When you call our IT help desk, you will receive live assistance from one of our help desk service engineers—when you call, we answer! Your time is valuable, and you can rely on NexusTek for a swift response when you need us. If you prefer to submit an IT ticket via email, we can offer a high-priority email ticket system that obtains a swift response from a help desk service engineer.

Our help desk services are geared toward getting your technology issues resolved as quickly as possible, so that you can focus on the important tasks in front of you.

NexusTek’s Help Desk Services are Available 24/7 to Handle IT Issues, Including:​

​ FAQs

Our help desk engineers are all NexusTek employees—not contractors—who provide technical support from locations within the United States. Our commitment to quality customer service is central to our core values, which we instill in our employees at all levels. Because we aim to make every contact with customers a positive experience, we wouldn’t rely on outsourced engineers for our help desk services. Your satisfaction is far too important to us.

NexusTek’s IT help desk services are available to resolve your employees’ technology issues 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Across the whole array of level 1 and 2 technical support needs, NexusTek’s help desk service engineers are available with the solutions your employees need to stay on task and productive. Whether your employees are facing printing problems, viruses, connectivity issues, problems synchronizing with mobile devices, or difficulty navigating applications, NexusTek’s IT experts can help.

The difference between level 1 and level 2 technical support issues is that level 1 issues are more basic and easily solved, while level 2 issues are more complex and require a bit more troubleshooting to resolve. For example, common level 1 support issues that our help desk service engineers assist with are password resets, assisting users to find their way around an unfamiliar application, or hardware performance issues (e.g., a monitor that stops working, a printer that will not print). IT issues that are a little more complex would be considered level 2, as these will require a more in-depth analysis and troubleshooting process to resolve. In some cases, level 2 IT issues are those that were not able to be resolved using level 1 guidance, indicating a deeper problem that needs to be identified before the issue can be resolved.

Yes, our help desk services are offered around the clock, even on weekends and holidays. We recognize that SMBs often need to maintain 24/7 work shifts to remain competitive in an “always on” economy, and our help desk service engineers will be there to answer if your employees run into IT problems at any time of day, night, or morning, any day of the week. We know that IT problems can crop up any time, and if your employees need help on a Saturday night or in the wee hours of a random Tuesday, we’ll be there for them.

Yes, we do offer desktop technical support. In some cases, a more intensive approach is required to resolve technology issues that employees encounter. When verbal instructions from the IT help desk are not sufficient to address an IT issue, the help desk service engineer may need to establish a remote connection with the employee’s device. For example, when parts of the IT system stop functioning, aren’t communicating properly, or behave in a problematic way, you may need an experienced IT professional to intervene personally in order to re-establish proper functionality.

With NexusTek’s IT help desk services, our experienced engineers can provide verbal coaching to resolve technology issues as well as direct intervention via remote connection when necessary. We recognize that there are countless technical issues that can arise that throw a wrench in your employees’ workdays. Our help desk service engineers are ready at any time to respond as needed to keep your IT systems running smoothly, so that you can minimize costly downtime.

NexusTek’s help desk services are provided on a remote basis, via phone or email. With today’s technology, where an engineer can remotely access an employee’s devices, the majority of IT service tickets can be resolved remotely. However, having on-site engineer presence also has its advantages, and to address this need, we do offer in-person engineer support through our managed IT services plans. In addition to onsite emergency response, we also offer a dedicated engineer service for customers seeking a highly personalized service experience. Any managed IT plan can also include help desk services, providing your employees with the full spectrum of technical support.

NexusTek does provide assistance with patches and updates, but not as a part of our IT help desk services. Our IT help desk services are specifically focused on providing as-needed support to employees to navigate IT issues that are keeping them from completing their work tasks. Our aim is to keep our help desk services streamlined and focused to meet the needs of SMBs in a cost-effective manner. However, for businesses that are seeking more comprehensive IT support, we offer a standalone patch management service that ensures that your operating systems, applications, and other software are up to date and secure. We also offer patch and update management through any of our managed IT plans.

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