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Entertainment IT Services

Let your clients and their creative campaigns take center stage while we proactively manage your technology.

Spend More Time Captivating

The IT requirements of the entertainment industry are as broad as they are labor intensive. If project management, creative collaboration, designing websites, distributing media kits, and editing footage in the cloud sounds like a typical workday, you and your team probably don’t have the time or energy to worry about things like cybersecurity or hardware. Let NexusTek handle these mission-critical items so you can spend more time on the creative process.

Media & Advertising IT Support

Servers and networks are what you depend on to store and send files, VoIP communications allow you to stay in touch with clients and media contacts, and cloud-based services are critical for mobile productivity. We understand you need just the right mix of hardware, software, networks, and data storage to meet deadlines without blowing your IT budget. Trust us to manage and maintain your vital IT systems and infrastructure to keep them secure and in top form.

Benefits of Managed IT Services

  • Scale-able solutions for agencies of all sizes
  • Improved mobility, flexibility and collaboration
  • Better server and network performance
  • IT consulting to mitigate challenges and emergencies
  • Seamless IT infrastructure upgrades and migrations
  • Contingency planning and reliable business continuity

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