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Microsoft Cloud Migration Services

Enhance your digital transformation with a cloud environment. Moving your business infrastructure from on-premises to the cloud increases agility, flexibility, and scalability while decreasing costs and simplifying IT processes. More and more businesses are making the switch to cloud as Industry 4.0 sweeps through markets, demanding modernization of workplaces and upgrading of IT systems.

But not just anyone can securely and efficiently migrate data to a new cloud environment. To migrate with no loss of data and minimal to nonexistent downtime takes cloud expertise. An IT team, familiar with maintaining on-premises infrastructure, may lack expertise in legacy-to-cloud migrations. Eliminate the effort of researching cloud services, time spent learning new skills, and the cost of fixing mistakes with NexusTek to handle the cloud migration strategy, execute the transfer of data and applications seamlessly, and implement the tools your business needs to succeed.

Why enlist NexusTek to migrate your data and applications to Microsoft’s cloud platforms?

As an award-winning managed service provider and Microsoft Solutions Partner for Modern Work, NexusTek ensures your business’ migration from on-premises infrastructure to a Microsoft cloud environment is a seamless transition. Our certified Microsoft engineers develop an in-depth migration strategy, secure your data and sensitive information every step of the way, and help your IT department take full advantage of all Microsoft has to offer so your business goes farther, sooner.

  • Accelerate the migration process for a faster go-to-market strategy.
  • Experience the benefits and return on investment of the cloud sooner.
  • Leverage the advanced features and automation capabilities better.
  • Simplify compliance requirements with guidance and implementation from NexusTek engineers.
  • Reduce security risks, protect data, and maintain compliance throughout the migration process.
  • Establish optimal use of the cloud environment with expert technical knowledge.
  • Train employees how to navigate the new cloud environment and utilize best practices.
  • Eliminate the need to hire a cloud expert, reducing costs, saving time, and avoiding frustration.
  • Provide your IT team more time and flexibility to focus on strategic plans and business goals.

Microsoft Azure Cloud Migration

Modernize your IT infrastructure with Microsoft Azure. Spend less time and money managing your on-premises or datacenter infrastructure and increase agility and resiliency with a cloud migration. Migrating mission-critical workloads and modernizing applications in Azure takes cloud expertise. NexusTek’s Microsoft certified engineers streamline the planning, implementation, and operations of your modernization journey so your business can be future-ready.

  • Collaborate with your IT team to determine solution design necessary to achieve your business objectives.
  • Evaluate existing cloud environment and perform security assessment to develop a long-term plan against future threats.
  • Oversee the building, configuring, testing, and deploying of the solution to effectively modernize your business systems.
  • Migrate the servers using the Azure Migrate Tool and coordinate a User Acceptance Test.
  • Document Azure setup and backup setup and run Azure Backup on a nightly basis to prevent data loss.
  • Monitor migration progress and perform the final synchronization of data using Azure Migrate.
  • Provide users with documentation on how to connect to the new infrastructure prior to going live.
  • Support designated users during User Acceptance Test to answer questions and resolve issues.
  • Assist go live, test connectivity, and provide post-production support and stabilization.

Microsoft Modern File Services Migration

Microsoft 365’s collaboration tools, including Teams, SharePoint, and OneDrive, enable modern workplaces, whether team members are in one office or spread across the world. All three applications store files in the cloud for users to access from anywhere on any device. From designing the target environment to the amount of content to the onboarding process, migrating existing file storage or sharing solution to Microsoft 365 Modern File Services is a complicated procedure. NexusTek engineers simplify this large-scale project, enabling your IT team to focus on business needs.

  • Oversee project management of migration, from planning to scheduling to coordination.
  • Collaborate with your IT team to define the initial modern file folder structure for optimal organization.
  • Prep engineering prior to migration to test for quality control and eliminate roadblocks.
  • Configure the shares in Microsoft 365 tenant and set up account with expert Microsoft knowledge.
  • Set up user account syncing services between M365 and the on-premises active directory.
  • Provision a migration tool to move data and monitor migration of documents and files for any issues.
  • Assist your IT team with user acceptance testing to validate end-to-end business flow.
  • Provide post go-live support to alleviate IT team workload and improve resolution time.
  • Add training on Microsoft’s Modern Workplace collaboration tools and a foundational structure setup to start using the tools.

Microsoft 365 Exchange Migration

Moving your email from on-premises to the cloud reduces costs, provides scalability, improves uptime, increases security, and enables a remote workforce. Email migration can be a time-consuming process, which NexusTek takes off your hands. Our certified engineers migrate your data from existing mail services to Microsoft 365 quickly and smoothly so you can enjoy Microsoft Exchange’s business-class email and calendar in as little as four weeks.

  • Act as your project manager every step of the way so that your IT team can focus on their core business.
  • Coordinate planning, scheduling, and communication for fluid migration and implementation.
  • Test and prep engineering of infrastructure for quality control to ensure a smooth transition.
  • Assign the appropriate subscriptions to users and set up the tool to perform the migration in the background.
  • Monitor the migration process and ensure permissions are transferred properly.
  • Establish new M365 tenant, configured with user data migrated and email flow updated to use the service
  • Ensure everything goes without a hiccup with go-live support for your IT staff.
  • Add on support for end users, including mobile device assistance, to set up phones and tablets with zero headaches.
  • Request knowledge transfer for IT staff and a quickstart training session for end users to ease onboarding and capitalize on features.

Why NexusTek?

As a Microsoft Solutions Partner for Modern Work, NexusTek offers expert advice, implementation, and support of Microsoft solutions. As a 2021 Microsoft US Partner Award winner in the category of Modern Workplace for SMB, we are experienced in assessing the security of your cloud environment and migrating your mission-critical infrastructure, file storage or sharing solution, and email services. Our IT consultants devise a strategic IT roadmap based on your business needs and goals so that your cloud migration is customized for your success. Our certified Microsoft experts also offer onboarding and training programs to provide your IT team the critical technical knowledge to see a greater return on investment and your end users the necessary know-how to improve collaboration and increase productivity. Modernize your workplace with the scalability, resiliency, and security of Microsoft cloud solutions.

Migrate to the cloud seamlessly with NexusTek and Microsoft.