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White Papers

NexusTek is a Microsoft Partner that successfully implements Cloud & IT Services and CRM solutions. Review our detailed reports of the business solutions NexusTek provides to small and medium-sized businesses in every industry.

Promoting Employee Adoption of New Technologies: An Essential Component of a Successful Digital Transformation

Successful implementation of digital transformation hinges upon employee adoption of new technologies. Although many employees readily adopt newly implemented technologies, some may resist tech changes.

Hiring & Retaining IT Talent White Paper

As demand for skilled IT professionals in the workplace continues to increase, employers can find it exceedingly difficult to hire and retain IT employees. 
Are you doing all you can to hire and retain IT talent? Download our whitepaper on Hiring & Retaining IT Talent to review best practices.

EOL White Paper: Microsoft Windows 7

You may think you have time. Official support for Windows 7 ends on January 14, 2020, which means that you have about six months before your deployment becomes obsolete. If you only have a dozen or even a few hundred computers running Windows 7 in your organization, you might think that you have plenty of time.

Cloud Success for Small and Mid-Sized Businesses

Are you a Cloud expert? Then this white paper is not for you. If you feel there is more to learn, take a look at this white paper with details on the different Cloud options and a few case studies on how companies have used Cloud to solve business problems.

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