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Microsoft Azure

NexusTek brings you the power of hosting your data in Microsoft’s Azure cloud. With Internet of Things devices and sensors leading the way in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, big data continues to increase. Outdated infrastructures cannot handle the influx of ever-increasing volumes of data, resulting in system downtime and security breaches. To keep pace with competitors, companies must invest in their digital transformation and capitalize on the wealth of knowledge this data provides to streamline operations and enhance the customer experience. Microsoft Azure elevates your business to the next level.

What is Microsoft Azure?

Microsoft Azure, a cloud platform with more than 200 products and cloud services, helps businesses retain rapidly increasing amounts of data while keeping storage costs low. Azure makes it easy for your organization to backup and restore your most important information when the unexpected happens. A hybrid and heterogenous platform, Azure protects your data no matter where it resides, whether in the cloud or on-premises.

As ransomware attacks increase, built-in protection from Azure keeps your data safe. Microsoft invests more than $1 billion annually on cybersecurity research and development and employs more than 3,500 security experts who are completely dedicated to your data security and privacy. With 90+ compliance offerings, Azure gives you a cost-effective, simple, and secure backup and disaster recovery solution that protects your data, maintains compliance with government regulations, and ensures business continuity.

Azure Backup

Eliminate the need to maintain data backups with Microsoft. Azure Backup is a one-click backup solution with a centralized management interface to easily manage and monitor backups for optimal data protection. Set up Azure Backup for virtual machines in three easy steps with further changes added on a defined schedule.

  • Oversee data growth while decreasing deployment and management costs.
  • Save time managing and maintaining on-premises backup storage infrastructure and software.
  • Stay up to date on compliance requirements by enforcing backups at scale with Azure Policy.
  • Specify backup access to individual users with role-based access control (RBAC) to protect private information and safeguard critical data.
  • Avoid accidental data loss with soft delete, a process that retains backups for 14 days after deletion so that your business is always covered.
  • Enable multiple-user authentication for additional security against ransomware attacks to prevent unauthorized requests to delete backups.
  • Size your backup storage properly with patterns and insights to optimize costs.
  • Reduce overhead costs of scaling and managing storage with a cloud-based solution.
  • Eliminate additional backup infrastructure to decrease IT spending and maintenance time.

Azure Site Recovery

Establish an end-to-end backup and disaster recovery solution with Microsoft Azure Backup and Azure Site Recovery. Secure critical operations against larger outages to ensure business continuity, maintaining productivity and resiliency whether it is a natural disaster or a cyber breach.

  • Achieve low recovery point objective (RPO) and recovery time objective (RTO) targets for every major system in your organization.
  • Recover apps and restore data automatically within hours rather than weeks.
  • Test business continuity plans or run dev-test copies of production workloads in Azure to ensure smooth deployment of policies and actions.
  • Utilize encryption features and HTTPS protocols to protect data from corruption.
  • Prevent data loss in case of data center failure through locally redundant storage (LRS).
  • Enable geo-redundant storage (GRS) to protect critical workloads from regional outages.
  • Reduce costs without the need of on-premises disaster recovery infrastructure.
  • Avoid paying ransom to cybercriminals and restore data without an encryption key.
  • Prevent the high cost of downtime with continued business operations.

Azure Security

Get a unified view of security across on-premises and cloud workloads. Microsoft Azure offers in-depth defenses against cyber threats with built-in security controls and threat intelligence to minimize threat exposure, remediate vulnerabilities, and respond to attacks.

  • Monitor networks, machines, and cloud services for incoming attacks and post-breach activity in Azure Monitor.
  • Enable single sign-on access to applications via Azure Active Directory (AD) and manage each user across the company.
  • Apply Azure Policy to ensure compliance with security standards.
  • Enable access and application controls and adaptive threat protections to reduce exposure to attacks and block malicious activity.
  • Use actionable security recommendations to remediate issues before they can be exploited via Defender for Cloud.
  • Leverage advanced analytics and threat intelligence to detect attacks and deploy rapid threat response.
  • Thwart cyberattacks and avoid the devastating costs of a cyber breach.
  • Prevent non-compliance fines with the latest security features and regulation policies.
  • Reduce the costly impact of a breach with incident threat response and remediation.

Why NexusTek?

As a Microsoft Solutions Partner for Modern Work, NexusTek is uniquely positioned to support your business in its digital transformation journey. Our IT consultants can help your business develop a strategic IT roadmap towards a modern workplace and recommend the Microsoft business products ideal for your needs and goals. Our certified Microsoft experts offer onboarding services to safely and efficiently migrate your data and applications to your new cloud environment. Optimize your business operations with the security, scalability, and simplicity of Microsoft Azure.

Be future-ready with NexusTek and Microsoft Azure.


Future-proof your business with the scalability, security, and simplicity of Microsoft Azure.

  • Increase data capacity for scalability and future growth.
  • Ensure compliance with government and industry regulations.
  • Reduce costs and switch from CapEx to OpEx.
  • Migrate to the cloud upon expiration of data center contracts.
  • Safeguard against increased security threats.
  • Secure data in the cloud and at all access points.
  • Guarantee data availability and infrastructure reliability.
  • Upgrade to the cloud as part of a hardware and/or software refresh.
  • Develop innovative applications and deliver at speed.
  • Ease acquisitions with smooth integration of data and applications.

As a pay-as-you-go service, Microsoft Azure public cloud provides a simple, secure, and cost-effective data backup and disaster recovery solution that allows businesses to cut costs spent on unnecessary storage and maintenance of on-premises infrastructure.

  • Set up Azure Backup for your virtual machines in three steps.
  • Protect your data from unauthorized requests to delete your backups.
  • Get the latest backup of your data whenever you need it at no additional cost.
  • Support VMware, Hyper-V, Linux, and Windows in Azure and on-premises.
  • Avoid the complexity of managing on-premises infrastructure.
  • Safeguard your backups from ransomware with one-click multifactor authentication.
  • Retain unauthorized deleted backups to give you time to investigate and recover your data.
  • Receive instant notifications of suspicious backup activities so you can take action.
  • Generate a security PIN required to complete critical backup operations for an additional layer of protection.
  • Scale protection to just a few files and folders or multiple virtual machines in a few clicks.
  • Export Power BI reports to understand information about your backups.
  • View your backups from Azure and on-premises in one centralized location to quickly decide what needs to be restored to keep business operating as normal.