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Current ECM Trends: Business Process Automation

Current ECM Trends: Business Process Automation

The most common trend in Enterprise Content Management (ECM) today is Business Process Automation (BPA).  According to IT research firm Gartner, BPA is defined as “the use of advanced technologies to automate complex business processes and functions beyond conventional data manipulation and record keeping.”[1]  One important element of BPA, and probably most commonly referred to by operations professionals is workflow.  Workflow is the ability to automatically route, classify, and store documents from a variety of different sources.

NexusTek’s ECM team is tasked with configuring hundreds of custom workflows to fit the business process automation needs of any department in any industry.  For example, you need to enter data for a new account, onboarding a client, or submitting an employee application.  With a solid configuration using ECM best practices, the process starts with an electronic form containing all important information that is then is routed internally for processing and stored within a secure document repository.

Another exciting trend within the ECM space is the ability to capture software using AI (artificial intelligence).

Using this new technology, we can automatically identify line item detail from invoices, purchase orders, and other common business documents. Once these fields have been captured, they can be assigned to metadata templates, pushed into accounting software or ERP systems, and classified for simple and elegant document storage systems.

Simply put, if you have a manual process that is a headache, and you want to find a better and more efficient way to operate, then ECM is the answer. NexusTek’s team has over two decades of experience with document management and process automation, we are here to help!