Top 6 Questions to Ask About Outsourcing Your IT

When looking at your entire IT infrastructure, many companies choose to outsource their IT. There are several reasons for this, but collectively – budget savings and the convenience of domestically outsourcing reigns. When choosing between an internal IT team and outsourced IT support and managed services, you must look at all sides and determine what is best for your business. Companies will need to examine their environment and decide how to move forward. From IT help desk services to cyber security monitoring, outsourcing IT is often the best plan-of-action for preventing network issues and creating a proactive strategy for your IT infrastructure. By partnering with an IT Services company that has the ability to scale with your business, you are ensured that someone is available for your network 24/7/365. You will reap the benefits by having an entire team of IT professionals dedicated and ready to support your team.

Internal IT would consist of a team member (or members) responsible for Tier 1 Support, cybersecurity, computer/server repair, managing network infrastructure and several other components. Domestically outsourcing your IT will translate into hiring a team of dedicated experts, typically at a fraction of the cost. The choice of delegating responsibility to internal staff or outsourced to a managed service provider that has dedicated professionals within the IT industry has the potential to be one of your largest, and best, decisions for this year.

Before starting the decision-making process, businesses must look at the specific IT requirements and determine exact needs to satisfy those requirements. If you are unsure of what your needs are, NexusTek can do a network assessment to establish your business’ needs and components that would make it run more efficiently. A few important questions to ask yourself are:

  • What compliance requirements are present within your network?
    Companies today are subject to many regulatory measures in order to provide compliance with standards. Whether you are in healthcare, financial, or any other industry, NexusTek manages networks of many and keeps up with regulations with each customer. As a managed service provider, we value the privacy and safety of your business and its network. We have clients that are required to be within certain regulatory measures such as HIPAA, PCI, etc. As you probably know, many breaches happen within this arena. Hiring an IT firm that specializes in regulatory compliance ultimately improves the bottom-line of your business.
  • How long can your company afford to be down in the event of a network outage?
    Having a managed service provider or outsourced IT department means having someone to call if your network is down. An IT provider also reduces the risk of networks failing because of constant network monitoring. NexusTek works with your business in developing a plan for downtime and an operating procedure in the event it does happen. We understand the importance of keeping your network running and having minimal downtime. NexusTek understands that your business needs to have as much uptime as possible, that is why we use proactive maintenance to monitor the network of your business and prevent mishaps. Our team, available 24/7/365, of IT engineers and consultants work together to keep your network running smoothly.
  • Do you have the most updated technology in order to provide your company with optimal productivity and efficiency?
    Thanks to technology, businesses have the ability to enable work-from-anywhere capabilities. By outsourcing IT to NexusTek, you will have a dedicated account manager that will keep you in mind with new technology that surfaces. Outsourcing to a managed service provider means that your business has the ability to be an agile IT workplace to meet the needs of your business. Technology is everchanging and businesses must evolve with it in order to maximize success and reap its benefits. A hallmark of internal IT teams is that they are more often than not provided more work than they are able to handle or have the specific knowledge to appropriately address projects. For this reason, outsourcing to a specialized expert in your area is recommended. The state of IT and cybersecurity are constantly changing and having a diversified team that is constantly exposed to new technology is key to the success of your business.
  • Is your network secure 24/7/365? Do you have measures in place to mitigate risk in the event of a cyber-attack or disaster?
    The unfortunate truth of our cybersecurity climate today is that networks are bombarded by cyber-attacks. Proactive measures must be taken to prevent those attacks from infiltrating your network. Often, a wrong click or an opened attachment can cripple your business. By having preventative cybersecurity measures in place, those clicks & attachments can be mitigated to save your business. This should include a host of measures, including constant proactive monitoring for your network, even when you’re business is closed or your staff is on vacation. Your business operations cannot take a vacation when you do. That is why at NexusTek, we are monitoring and available 24/7/365.   From ransomware to malware, NexusTek provides endpoint protection and cybersecurity for businesses of all types. NexusTek has cyber consultants to handle situations that may put your company at risk. We offer vulnerability assessments to determine the health of your company’s network.  To schedule a cyber security assessment for your company, click the “contact us” link below.
  • Are you able to control and minimize costs when it comes to your IT infrastructure?
    We all know that technology and IT can get expensive, if not appropriately scoped for the needs of your business. That is why hiring an outsourced IT firm is so important. At NexusTek, we have fixed monthly packages to minimize the amount of unexpected spending on your network. You will direct access to IT consultants that will do a deep dive into your business IT needs and recommend solutions, upgrades, or maintenance that will business requires. Working with an MSP puts your business in a prime position to see reduced costs compared to internally handling all IT.
  • Do you have time to worry about IT Services?
    All the above points should garner serious consideration, but the real question is if you have the time and specialty to do it without a dedicated team of IT professionals.  IT services companies are oftentimes a much more valuable solution for IT and networking issues. The resources such as time and money that are required when a company is providing internal IT support far exceeds the amount typically required to engage and hire a managed services provider. Hiring an outsourced IT firm means you have peace of mind when it comes to the stability of your network and business operations.

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