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WOWSA - Customers Benefit From a Great Corporate Culture

WOWSA – Customers Benefit From a Great Corporate Culture

In the IT world, we are often measured by how quickly and efficiently we can solve problems. We are experts with machines, virtuosos of virtualization and magicians with code. Our goal is zero downtime and staying connected is critical to our success. Yet, despite being connected nearly 24×7, IT industry employees are part of the nation’s statistics that show only 33% of employees are engaged at work. Like people in all industries, IT professionals need personal connection, meaning, and purpose. At NexusTek, we are determined to far exceed that statistic.

Through our WOWSA employee engagement program, we strive to help our employees find contentment and purpose in the workplace. WOWSA stands for “Why Our Workplace Stays Awesome” and we work hard to make that a reality.  Our team’s passion and energy create amazing results for our customers.

To wrap up 2018, we surveyed all of our 300+ NexusTekers around the country and asked them to identify which values they identified with the most. Then, we held a series of internal focus groups to discuss what our organization’s core values and mission statement should be moving forward.

We are proud to share the values the NexusTek family has chosen:

  • Our Mission: Enabling the latest technology solutions for small to medium-sized businesses to power their success.
  • People: We value our team members and have a passion for what we do.
  • Community: We are united for the good of our Company and the business communities we serve.
  • Courage: We adapt and reach above and beyond.
  • Integrity: We act ethically, honestly, and fairly.
  • Performance: We deliver what we promise.

Since forming the WOWSA employee program many years ago, the committee has evolved to an inspiring level.  Today, we coordinate many volunteering events and serve many nonprofit organizations through “WOWSA Gives,” our corporate giving program, along with implementing employee programs. Knowing that our team has volunteered to help so many individuals brings our employees a sense of fulfillment and pride. The true spirit of the program is to engage with our incredible network, serve our communities in a meaningful way and build personal connections.

Creating a place where our employees thrive, result in an extraordinary customer experience delivered by the most talented, dedicated engineers in the industry. Nurturing a culture-driven company isn’t easy, and in today’s world where companies face constant pressure to profit, finding that balance is difficult.

We are proud to say that NexusTek is making great strides to rise to the top with strong business growth and a leading corporate culture.