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Boston Cyber Security Services

Boston Cyber Security Services

As businesses become more reliant on technology and IT systems for their business processes, they have become increasingly susceptible to cyberattacks by hackers and other malicious actors. With the global average cost of a data breach at $3.92 million, ensuring that your business network and data are secure is not an endeavor to be taken lightly.

At NexusTek of Boston, we realize that many businesses may be unaware of the threats to their network, or how to go about securing their network. It is for this reason that we offer our cyber security services to businesses to protect their network so that they can focus on their core business processes.

Why You Should Outsource Your Cyber Security Needs

Outsourcing your business’s cyber security needs rather than maintaining them in-house offers several benefits, such as:

  • Costs: In-house cyber security solutions are generally more expensive than using third-party support services. By using a third-party support service, all you need to do is make regular payments to your support provider.
  • Expertise: Cyber security requires hiring individuals with the right set of skills, which is often a challenge. By using a third-party support provider, you are able to pass along that responsibility.
  • Business focus: When you outsource your business’ cyber security needs, you can focus on your core business services.

Why Use NexusTek Boston For Your Cyber Security Needs

At NexusTek Boston, we are intricately familiar with all the requirements necessary to ensure that a business network is secure. We have three processes to secure any business network:

  • Vulnerability Risk Assessment: We conduct a thorough risk assessment of your hardware and software, looking for the gaps in your systems that hackers could exploit . We also look for potential threats to your network and evaluate how compliant your network is with industry standards.
  • Constant cyber security monitoring and maintenance: We monitor your network around-the-clock, checking for any attempts at intrusion. We provide 24/7 access to our skilled cyber security professionals and any network incidents are promptly investigated. We also ensure that your network is equipped with the latest anti-malware and antivirus tools.
  • Consulting services and ongoing assessments: We perform regular tests to ensure that your networks remain compliant with industry security standards. We also do regular penetration testing as well as vulnerability testing for new hardware and software.

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