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Cyber Security Boston

Protect Your Company with Managed Cyber Security Services and Consulting

Cyber security is more than a collection of virus protection programs. It’s an evolvingsystem of processes, software, and techniques that defend your company from unauthorized data usage. Data breaches, and even a potential data leak, are bad for business and productivity. Customers lose faith in companies when they think their data isn’t secure, and network vulnerabilities can play havoc with your internal business systems.

That’s why the cyber security services, provided by NexusTek of Boston, begins with three key essential processes to keep your company and your data safe from threats:

A Vulnerability Risk Assessment to identify current liabilities.

The best defense is a strong start. Our cyber security services begin with a thorough risk assessment to identify where threats can breach your network. Every program and piece of hardware connected to your network has unique vulnerabilities. Our experts will locate those weaknesses and shore up your company’s defenses to meet industry standards.

Constant cyber security monitoring and maintenance.

Once your system’s vulnerabilities have been addressed and mitigated, we will monitor your network for new threats. This includes a suite of antimalware tools that stay on the cutting edge of new threats. Unauthorized data access will be prevented and every network event will be investigated.

Your ongoing cyber security maintenance needs a human element, too. That’s why we provide 24/7 access to our technical experts and a managed security operations center. Whenever you face cyber security threats that rely on social engineering, like phishing schemes or unusual pop-ups, we’re here to help.

Consulting services and ongoing assessment.

Every security system needs to be tested regularly. When your company starts expanding and adding new devices to the network, we can provide vulnerability testing for the new hardware and get the devices set up. Our experts can also provide regular penetration testing so you know that your network is safe. Cyber security is about assessing, strengthening, and adding defenses against threats. NexusTek of Boston has the experience and the tools to keep your data and your network safe. Contact us today to get started with a Vulnerability Risk Assessment.

You can protect your system data effectively with NexusTek cyber security services. Call us now for an evaluation of your network security needs!