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Case Study: Education Loan Finance, Inc.

Education Loan Finance depends on NexusTek for a majority of their networking needs. From Cloud Solutions to Virtual Desktop Interfacing and several other solutions, ELFI partners with NexusTek to ensure operations are running efficiently and that technology is increasing productivity in the business.

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Knoxville, Tennessee

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200+ employees

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There is a big difference in being a partner and being a vendor. ELFI has lots of vendors. We do not have many partners. NexusTek is most definitely a partner to ELFI.”



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Employees have access to their workstations, anytime or anywhere.

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Custom internal messaging system.


Enhanced network security.


Compliance requirements are met and exceeded.

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Administration costs are lowered due to being able to offload projects and monitoring to NexusTek.


Comprised of several company locations across the southern United States, ELFI was created from a need for funding for higher education. After consideration, ELFI was started with the determination to stick with its passion and continue helping students by creating a refinancing company specifically for student loans. Part of the problem was that they had a working infrastructure in place, but were forced to start over and unable to use any of the existing infrastructure.


NexusTek partnered with ELFI in order to complete a state-of-the-art infrastructure. The infrastructure now in place allows them significant growth with no hiccups when it comes to IT logistics. Since starting up, ELFI has been in the cloud and using Virtual Desktop Interface for around 10 years. With the partnership with NexusTek, ELFI is able to focus on helping students as they have for many years before. Some of the solutions that NexusTek is providing ELFI are Managed Virtual Desktop Solutions, Managed Cloud Infrastructure on the NexusTek Private Cloud, Data Recovery Solutions, Custom Messaging Systems, Hosted Exchange Solutions, and File Collaboration.


ELFI now has an infrastructure allowing their employees to work from anywhere. ELFI contributes a portion of their success to the solutions that NexusTek has placed and the extensive support they have received from NexusTek. The IT environment at ELFI is compliant, efficient and provides optimal productivity. Through the COVID-19 Pandemic, the transition to a remote workforce was seamless because of the solutions in place by NexusTek. Employees are able to remotely access their entire workstation, allowing them to be more productive – anytime and anywhere.

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