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Case Study:

A National Commercial Roofer

NexusTek aided in establishing a dependable IT infrastructure for essential functions, safeguarding assets through a multi-layered cybersecurity strategy, and providing employees with timely support to ensure reliable IT system operations.

location icon

Southwestern U.S.

employees icon

800+ employees

company icon

Privately Held

industry icon

Commercial Roofing


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Increased reliability of cloud-hosted applications and data.

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Implemented proactive IT monitoring with full-time dedicated engineer.

support ticket icon

Reduced number of support tickets submitted by employees.

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Strengthened cybersecurity and data backup.

around the clock

Improved productivity with 24/7/365 help desk.

business goals icon

With vCIO, IT strategy is kept current and aligned with business goals.


Starting as a small, local operation over 70 years ago, the company expanded to a national level, excelling in roofing with certifications from major providers and expertise in various types. However, despite success, they faced operational challenges in timely vendor payments, employee payroll, and project timelines due to unreliable service from their previous MSP. This MSP’s cloud environment led to system downtime, impacting employees’ tasks. Slow technical support worsened the situation, causing financial and reputational costs as downtime affected work, vendor payments, paychecks, and customer commitments.


In 2021, after being acquired by a private equity firm, the company prioritized a new MSP to bolster future operations. NexusTek was chosen through a recommended RFP process and onboarding, with their vCIO conducting a Cloud Readiness assessment for smooth data migration to NexusTek’s environment. Data was securely backed up using Datto, then migrated with meticulous testing to ensure a seamless transition. Following the move, cybersecurity and data backups were implemented, including NexusTek’s Standard Cybersecurity plan and new firewalls for enhanced security. Six Datto units facilitated regular data backups, while updated computers and Microsoft 365 deployment benefited around 500 employees. The company opted for NexusTek’s Complete IT Services plan with an onsite engineer and augmented technology leadership with NexusTek’s vCIO services for 40 hours per month.


NexusTek’s comprehensive solutions have streamlined operations, granting uninterrupted access to vital applications and data. Their robust 99.9% uptime in the NexusTek Cloud eradicated service disruptions, ensuring tasks like compensation, payments, and scheduling proceed seamlessly. This reliability has boosted employee confidence, fortified vendor relationships, and elevated the company’s standing in the commercial roofing industry. Proactive monitoring by NexusTek averted unforeseen tech challenges, preempting security vulnerabilities like outdated firewalls. A robust cybersecurity plan includes training, endpoint protection, incident response, and data backups to ward off threats. NexusTek’s vigilance minimized support tickets, complemented by responsive help desk and dedicated onsite engineers. The partnership shifted the company from reactive to proactive with a NexusTek vCIO shaping digital strategy for enhanced customer experience. Predictable billing, tech management, and dependable support further emphasize the partnership’s benefits. NexusTek addressed cloud concerns, proposing Microsoft Azure to prioritize data access and security, aligning with customer-centric values.

This case study was prepared with the customer’s full knowledge and involvement. To respect the customer’s privacy, we have omitted their name, logo, and any other identifying information.

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