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Case Study:

A National Warehouse Distributor

NexusTek helped A National Warehouse Distributor to modernize their IT infrastructure, strengthen their security posture against growing cyber threats, and support their IT operations and employees with managed IT services.

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Southeastern U.S.

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700+ employees

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Privately Held

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Warehouse distributor, vehicle parts


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Modernized their IT systems, allowing greater collaboration and procedural standardization across employees in warehouse and office locations

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Strengthened their cybersecurity posture, protecting warehouse inventory data, dealer and supplier data, customer data, and employee data

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Optimized their IT operations to improve distribution efficiency and warehouse management

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Standardized their IT across all office and warehouse locations


Within the last five years, a private equity firm invested in the national warehouse distributing company, and thereafter, the company acquired two additional locations. Following this growth, the company identified the need for an evaluation of the IT environments in their recent acquisitions as well as an assessment of their business, as a whole. Although they had a working IT infrastructure, they recognized the possibility that there might be gaps in their IT that could have implications for warehouse and distribution performance as well as security. Their 24/7 online ordering system and next-day delivery system are key customer benefits that rely heavily upon reliable, secure IT system functionality.

Their two new acquisitions also presented unknowns in terms of their IT environments, which the company needed to understand more thoroughly to manage effectively. The company recognized that a modern, standardized IT system was integral to delivering on their mission to provide customer-centered service. To function optimally as a cohesive whole, they needed a secure, consistent IT environment throughout the company.


Since 2014, this customer has partnered with NexusTek for hosted infrastructure, Firewall-as-a-Service, and data backup services. Capitalizing on their positive relationship, the customer engaged NexusTek for a comprehensive IT assessment to propel and secure their growing business. NexusTek’s Virtual CIO (vCIO) provided strategic technology consultation, enhancing their in-house IT team. Employing a multi-method approach, the vCIO conducted an extensive assessment encompassing strategy, operations, security, resilience, and infrastructure health, revealing the need for modernization, robust cybersecurity, and hardware updates. Managed IT services were proposed to complement the in-house team, ensuring continuous smooth operations with around-the-clock support. The vCIO presented assessment findings through a report, including quantified scores, risk analysis, and actionable recommendations, followed by a review to address any queries.


After receiving vCIO assessment results, the customer opted to partner with NexusTek for standardized, scalable IT services during their nationwide expansion. Microsoft 365 was deployed across all locations, granting employees access to various productivity tools. Cloud-hosted infrastructure continued to support a critical ERP platform, augmented with cybersecurity and managed IT services. Advanced Cybersecurity added multiple layers of protection, while Remote Managed IT Services provided continuous support for cloud-based infrastructure. NexusTek’s solutions fostered a consistent IT environment and a collaborative platform across locations, enhancing operations and warehouse efficiency. Impressively, the private equity firm overseeing the company embraced NexusTek’s solution, adopting it as a model to standardize all their businesses, highlighting NexusTek’s substantial impact and IT standard-setting capabilities.

This case study was prepared with the customer’s full knowledge and involvement. To respect the customer’s privacy, we have omitted their name, logo, and any other identifying information.

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