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Case Study:

A Nonprofit Mental Health Organization

NexusTek has provided this customer the reliability they sought in a co-managed IT partner, taking on network monitoring, patch management, and software licensing to lighten the load for their internal IT team

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U.S. Mountain West Region

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300+ employees

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Mental Health Organization

The current team has really done a fine job of staying on top of things with the cadence calls. We always know what we’re doing, what the next steps are, and when those are due. They’ve got a very good process to accomplish what we need.



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Minimizes system downtime

data access

Creates reliable access to apps and data

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Improves security of sensitive data

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Ensures software licensing stays current

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Keeps customer informed on IT status

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Involves customer in proactive planning


The customer maintains an internal IT team, outsourcing a portion of their infrastructure management to streamline operations. While their in-house team handles application management, help desk support, and specialized projects, the need for co-management led them to seek an MSP. Proactive network and server monitoring, software patching, and software licensing management were the key requirements. Dissatisfied with their previous MSP, they sought a more reliable and responsive partner to meet their business needs and provide timely IT support.


At the center of NexusTek’s support to the customer is proactive monitoring and management of their IT network. This includes monitoring for proper functionality and relevant updates of network components on a proactive basis. NexusTek engineers monitor endpoints and servers for the customer, completing patching as needed to keep software up to date. NexusTek also manages software licensing for the customer, making sure they stay up to date and maintain proper documentation.

Along with proactive network monitoring, NexusTek also provides support to the customer’s in-house IT team through weekly calls with an assigned Service Delivery Manager (SDM). The weekly calls are two-way discussions, in which both parties share progress, needs, or issues. The NexusTek SDM also discusses any alerts that emerged through proactive network monitoring, giving the customer’s team the opportunity to ask questions, weigh options for resolving the issue, and discuss future plans or changes.


Co-managing their IT infrastructure with NexusTek has brought numerous advantages to the customer, particularly in the realm of reliable service provision for mental health care and support. NexusTek’s proactive network monitoring ensures uninterrupted access to critical applications and data, essential for serving clients effectively. The proactive approach extends to hardware updates and patch management, relieving the internal IT team from these tasks and enabling them to focus on strategic initiatives. This proactive management also bolsters cybersecurity by addressing potential vulnerabilities. Weekly calls with the NexusTek SDM maintain alignment and facilitate collaborative planning, including specialized projects like firewall high availability, where NexusTek’s expertise complements the customer’s internal IT capabilities.


This case study was prepared with the customer’s full knowledge and involvement. To respect the customer’s privacy, we have omitted their name, logo, and any other identifying information.

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