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Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS)

What Is IaaS?

Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) is a type of cloud hosting service that provides businesses with on-demand, internet-mediated access to remotely located servers, data storage, and networking. IaaS can augment a company’s existing on-premises IT infrastructure or replace it altogether, often allowing businesses to reduce or even eliminate on-premises server rooms. With IaaS, companies retain control over features like software, data, and middleware, allowing them to maintain a custom computing environment for employees and customers.

What Are the Benefits of IaaS?

The IaaS service model allows businesses to obtain the full functionality of an on-premises deployment without the considerable investments in time, effort, and capital required to configure and maintain onsite servers and networking. Specific benefits of IaaS include:

Cost Effectiveness & Predictability

The subscription-based nature of IaaS confers multiple cost benefits for customers. Firstly, because IaaS allows companies to only pay for computing resources they need, it is more cost effective than building entire on-premises server rooms. In particular, small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) that construct on-premises server rooms often end up paying for computing capabilities that they never use. With IaaS, this is never a risk. Secondly, IaaS allows businesses to pay a predictable fixed cost each month, avoiding the large capital investments required with on-premises hardware.

High Availability

IaaS offers a greater degree of availability compared with on-premises infrastructure because it easily facilitates the creation of redundant servers. This ensures that critical business systems are reliably accessible by employees and customers.

Low Latency

When cloud data centers are physically closer to end users like customers or employees, the end user will experience lower latency (i.e., greater speed). Because IaaS services are delivered from data centers that are located in a variety of regions, businesses can often achieve lower latency using IaaS than with on-premises infrastructure.

Latest Technology

Another benefit of IaaS is avoidance of technology obsolescence. Cloud providers are constantly upgrading to remain competitive, which means that IaaS gives your business access to a higher grade of technology than most SMBs can afford to maintain themselves. This, in turn, helps your business to maintain competitiveness.


Because IaaS services are delivered from cloud data centers with massive capacities, it is quick and easy for businesses to scale their usage when needed. For example, businesses experiencing rapid growth or e-commerce outfits that often see spikes in demand can nimbly scale their IaaS usage to accommodate such changes without missing a beat. In contrast, scaling capacity of on-premises infrastructure is costly and time-consuming.

Reduced IT Workload

With IaaS, the cloud provider is responsible for maintaining, updating, and replacing the foundational hardware and networking of the cloud-based infrastructure. This reduces the overall workload for in-house IT teams, giving your IT professionals more time for strategic activities that create additional value for your business.

NexusTek Cloud & Public Cloud IaaS Solutions

With NexusTek as your cloud services partner, you have access to both private and public cloud resources that are combined to suit your company’s needs, not the other way around. Whether your business is simply expanding cloud capacity or building an IT infrastructure from the ground up, NexusTek has the IaaS solutions you need:

NexusTek Cloud

With IaaS delivered from NexusTek Cloud, your business has access to compute, storage, and networking delivered from a single-tenant or multi-tenant, SOC 2 Type II certified environment. In addition to best-in-class technology that matches or exceeds that of top public cloud providers, NexusTek Cloud offers personalized service and support. Our certified engineers get to know your business, applications, and users, and we work together with you to develop an IaaS plan that aligns with your business strategy and goals.

Public Cloud

As a Microsoft Solutions Partner for Modern Work and a 2021 Microsoft U.S. Partner Award winner in the category of Modern Workplace for SMB, NexusTek specializes in delivering the latest Microsoft 365 and cloud services. With NexusTek as your partner for IaaS service, you can access computing resources from the standard-setting Microsoft Azure cloud.

Integrate IaaS Into a Comprehensive IT Solution

NexusTek offers a diverse set of IT solutions that integrate naturally with IaaS to create a holistic computing environment for your business:

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Managed IT Services

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Virtual Desktop

NexusTek Virtual Desktop

Business Continunity Icon 300

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

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When you partner with NexusTek for IaaS, you open up a world of cloud computing possibilities. The NexusTek Cloud offers you the height of technological sophistication, a single-tenant or multi-tenant SOC 2 Type II certified environment, all with the personalized touch that NexusTek provides all clients. If you choose a public cloud IaaS option, you gain access to the gold standard of modern computing in Microsoft Azure. In addition, NexusTek offers a diverse set of IT services that integrate naturally with IaaS to create a comprehensive IT solution for your business.

With NexusTek as your cloud hosting provider for IaaS, you never have to worry about losing control or ownership of your data. Although your data is physically stored in either the NexusTek Cloud or the Microsoft Azure cloud, depending on your IaaS plan, your company is the sole owner of its data.

Yes, absolutely, and this is actually becoming increasingly common as companies realize the benefits of both hybrid and multi-cloud computing models. For example, a company might obtain IaaS services from one public cloud provider, but they might then choose to add an application that they purchase in a SaaS subscription from a separate public cloud provider. They might choose to purchase the application from a different cloud provider because the provider offers better rates than their IaaS provider, or it might be that their IaaS provider does not offer the desired application. For such reasons, many businesses combine IaaS and SaaS solutions from various cloud hosting providers.

NexusTek cloud solutions like IaaS integrate nicely with managed support services for businesses that are looking for more comprehensive IT services and support. With features such as proactive monitoring of critical infrastructure, alerting, and maintenance, NexusTek’s managed IT services are the perfect complement to cloud solutions like IaaS. To prevent data loss and ensure that your business is equipped to maintain functionality of critical systems during crisis or disaster, NexusTek’s business continuity and disaster recovery planning are ideal additions to IaaS services. The NexusTek Virtual Desktop may also be integrated with your IaaS services, giving your employees access to a complete Windows desktop on any device from any location with an internet connection.

NexusTek private and public cloud solutions are delivered from secure environments, but additional cyber security solutions can be integrated with IaaS services to make sure all your bases are covered. Cyber security solutions such as endpoint protection and vulnerability scanning extend security to the very edges of your network, and managed cloud email security keeps close watch over your employees’ inbound and outbound messages.

NexusTek is a Citrix, VMware, Microsoft, Fortinet, Cisco/Meraki, Juniper, Dell, and SonicWall partner; we leverage their technologies to power the NexusTek Cloud and in our customers’ environments.

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