Cyber Security Consulting Services

Keep your system protected at every level with comprehensive Cyber Security Consulting Services from NexusTek

Cyber Security Consulting

Guarding your cyber security system and keeping it active and updated is a full time job. This is a responsibility many business owners simply do not have time for, and creating a dedicated department within the company overextends available resources. NexusTek solves this problem with custom Cyber Security consulting services tailored to suit your business. Cyber Security consulting includes system remediation, network architecture configuration, disaster prep and training to address every layer of the system.


  • Infrastructure consulting with network, firewall, switching, communications, storage & virtualization upgrades
  • Patching, plugging, re-architecting, best practices & lock downs
  • Business process re-engineering (security conscious)

Network Architecture:

  • Setup of data classification & DLP controls
  • Redundant system implementation for business continuity
  • BYOD support including Citrix & Thin Client based secure solutions

Disaster Prep:

  • Managed onsite backup
  • Managed offsite backup
  • Redundant server hosting (Hot Site)
  • Offsite server replication (Cold Site)
  • Crisis communication planning


  • Strategic security training development and delivery
  • Tactical security training for all staff levels
  • Execute security training
  • Staff on-boarding training: development & delivery

Strong, reliable Cyber Security begins with preventative measures, including solid network architecture, updated applications, cyber security programs configured to the system’s requirements, and, most importantly, effective training for all personnel. NexusTek updates your current system, conducts patches and installs plug-ins, and then manages the system configuration and monitors its performance. To test the validity and strength of the system, NexusTek performs a complete assessment, examining mechanical elements of the system as well as vulnerabilities exposed by personnel. This uncovers any risks to the system from an internal and external standpoint, showing how exploits can be repaired and how to prevent data loss or malware insertion through social engineering.

Keep your system protected at every level with comprehensive Cyber Security consulting services from NexusTek.
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