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Cyber Security Support Services

Our Cyber Security Support Services offers desktop technical support, network maintenance, and application support around the clock support, 24 hours per day, 7 days a week – 365 days a year.

Cyber Security Support Services

Our cyber security support services include cyber risk assessment, employee cyber security awareness training, incident response and remediation, and proactive threat monitoring around the clock—24 hours per day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Since every business has its own unique IT environment, we work closely with each customer to develop a cyber security services plan that is customized to their specific needs. Following are some of the key cyber security services NexusTek offers:

Cyber Security Consulting & Risk Assessment

To determine the optimal cyber security strategy for your business, it is important to first understand where your vulnerabilities lie. NexusTek cyber security risk assessment analyzes each level of the system, including response strategies, training strategies, business continuity strategies, and more. This comprehensive analysis leads to identification of “holes” in your current systems that may leave you vulnerable to cyber attacks.

Proactive and Reactive Cyber Security Monitoring

With NexusTek’s 24/7/365 Security Operations Center (SOC), your business is supported by a focused team that provides constant, proactive cyber security monitoring to ensure that threats are detected and addressed immediately. The managed SOC performs regular security alert response checks, manages updates and patches, and monitors the performance of your system. With a managed SOC protecting your company, your business receives the best in both proactive and reactive measures. If an attack occurs, the SOC will find the problem, isolate it and enact a contingency plan.

Endpoint Scanning & Protection

The sheer number of devices employees use for work purposes, both in the office and by remote workers, can make it very challenging for companies to ensure that all devices are adequately protected against cyber threats. Completing routine vulnerability scans of the network edge can offset this challenge, providing you with assurance that any security gaps are identified and addressed. NexusTek offers vulnerability scanning of the network edge on a quarterly or monthly basis as part of our managed cyber security services offerings.

Cyber Employee Security Awareness Training

Employees are the #1 source of cyber security risk for businesses, making awareness training an invaluable part of an effective cyber security strategy. Threat actors utilize social engineering tactics to trick employees into sharing their credentials, which opens up your company’s network to criminals.  To counter such a dynamic threat, NexusTek’s cyber security services include an awareness training program that keeps pace with social engineering tactics as they change over time.

Managed Cloud Email Security

Email is the route that cybercriminals use most frequently to gain entry into a company’s network. Specifically, hackers use phishing—a type of social engineering scheme conveyed via email—to manipulate or trick employees into divulging sensitive information or clicking on items that will trigger malware installation. Our cloud email security solution monitors employees’ inbound and outbound emails to ensure that messages that do not meet cyber security standards are intercepted before the damage is done.

Your Business's IT Security Is Our Business. How Vulnerable Are You to a Cyber Attack?


To protect against increasingly formidable security threats, NexusTek provides state-of-the-art cyber security solutions that are tailored to each customer’s unique needs. From cyber security consulting and assessment to remote 24/7 monitoring and technical support, we provide all the services you need to maintain the security, health, and efficiency of your network. Our custom cyber security services round out your network services, keeping your system secure, updated, and constantly monitored.

In addition to software and hardware procurement and updating, we also set up your system in the most intuitive way, ensuring that all your devices are working properly. NexusTek’s managed cyber security services provide you with the expertise, attentive service, and custom fit of a dedicated IT department, without adding extra strain on your company.

In today’s business world, information and communication technologies are essential for carrying out most if not all critical business functions. From customer service to supply chain management to accounting, your company’s core functions require reliable IT systems.

The need for reliable computing and communication systems is one reason that cyber security solutions have become essential features of today’s IT landscape. Even for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), cybercrime poses a constant threat to the functionality of your IT systems. Without adequate cyber security monitoring and response, businesses can be subject to costly periods of network downtime due to malware attacks.

Keeping your sensitive employee and company data from falling into the hands of criminals is another crucial objective that cyber security services address. When bad actors gain access to sensitive employee or business data, they may use it to illegally transfer funds, to apply for fraudulent loans or credit cards, or even for purposes of blackmail or extortion. These risks amplify the importance of cyber security monitoring and quick response to identified security threats.

As cybercriminals’ tactics have grown more sophisticated, SMBs have struggled to keep pace, making them increasingly attractive targets for cybercriminals. Many smaller businesses install antivirus and antimalware software, believing that these will contain their risk. In truth, however, defending a business against cyber attacks in today’s world requires a combination of cyber security solutions, such as endpoint scanning, around-the-clock threat monitoring, employee awareness training, and incident response strategies. Many SMBs find it difficult to stay on top of all these practices, which can make managed cyber security services a great option to consider.

Security consulting and risk assessment help to identify holes in your IT system, which can then be filled by instituting aligned cyber security solutions and protocols, such as risk awareness training, software patches, or network reorganization. Additionally, a response strategy may be put in place to mitigate the adverse effects of a successful cyber attack or data breach. Furthermore, if applicable, an industry compliance assessment not only ensures that your data and assets are protected, but it also prevents costly fines or corrective action that can arise from noncompliance.

Following implementation of a security strategy, it is important to perform testing and analysis to evaluate its effectiveness. Using procedures such as penetration testing, social engineering reviews, and compliance assessments, we can assist you to assess the strength of your security and make adjustments as needed as situations change and new risks arise. Cyber security risks are dynamic by nature, making ongoing risk assessment a necessary component of an effective cyber security services plan.

As a general rule, hackers and identity thieves don’t strike when you’re looking. As expert opportunists, cybercriminals work hard to figure out when your guard is down, and then they attack. This reality is what makes proactive cyber security monitoring an essential element of a robust cyber security services plan. Recognizing the importance of constant vigilance for threats, NexusTek provides 24/7 cyber security monitoring. Our certified engineers keep watch around the clock and ensure that you are notified immediately in the event of a breach.

The managed SOC also performs a sophisticated form of cyber security monitoring, Security Information Event Management (SIEM), which facilitates detection and analysis of any malware activity. Through unlimited event log correlation and aggregation monitoring per user, SIEM helps to discern any threat patterns and vulnerabilities.

An important component of a solid cyber security monitoring strategy is endpoint scanning. The IT landscape for most businesses today has become extremely complex, as individual employees commonly use multiple devices to access their company’s network. Adding to this complexity is the increased adoption of remote work across businesses of all sizes, as well as the widespread use of bring-your-own-device (BYOD) practices. The multiplicity of devices used by employees increases a company’s cyber risk, making endpoint scanning and protection an essential cyber security component.

Social engineering tactics may play upon employees’ emotions or fears, creating urgency to take actions that play into the criminals’ hands. Social engineering tactics may induce employees to click on links or open attachments that trigger malware installation. What makes coping with this threat especially difficult is the fact that cybercriminals are always modifying their approaches—as soon as you catch on to one social engineering approach, they have another one cooked up and ready to go. This makes cyber security awareness training a vital part of protecting your business from cyber attacks.

Cybercriminals are highly creative in their development of phishing schemes, creating emails that appear to be authentic, ostensibly sent from authority figures or trusted parties. Busy employees who fail to pick up on the subtle signs of a phishing attack regularly fall victim to these schemes, resulting in identity theft, fraud, or ransomware attacks. This is why managed cloud email monitoring is a key cyber security solution for protecting your business from hackers.