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Take your Free Cybersecurity Self-Assessment

Cybersecurity Self Assessment

Welcome to Your FREE Cybersecurity Self-Assessment

Our Certified Microsoft Cybersecurity Experts collaborated to create a personalized Cybersecurity Healthcheck covering more than 20 security points in 4 of our key Cybersecurity categories. The purpose of this self-assessment is to help you pinpoint your Cybersecurity strengths and weaknesses, and to provide you with a complete Cybersecurity Healthcheck Report containing useful tips and recommendations. Your total possible Cybersecurity Health Check score is 100. Your score will be carefully calculated based the answers you provide. Please allow 20 minutes to complete this assessment.

All Built Right In

We build security into Microsoft products and services from the start. That’s how we deliver a comprehensive, agile platform to better protect your endpoints, move faster to detect threats, and respond to security breaches across even the largest of organizations.

Prevent identity compromise

Help protect against compromise while uncovering potential breaches.

Secure apps and data

Boost productivity with cloud access while helping keep information protected.

Expand device controls

Deliver enhanced security across both company and personal devices.

Safeguard infrastructure

Enforce policies that help keep cloud resources and hybrid environments safe.

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