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Cybersecurity Services & Solutions

Cybersecurity Services—What Does NexusTek Offer?

We know that your security needs depend upon the nature of your infrastructure and the capabilities of your security team. We offer a range of cybersecurity services and solutions to meet your needs:

Managed Cybersecurity Plans

Security Services

Identity & Access Management (IAM)

Monitoring Services


Cybersecurity Assessments

Cybersecurity Services & Solutions

Cybersecurity Services—What Does NexusTek Offer?

We know that your security needs depend upon the nature of your infrastructure and the capabilities of your security team. We offer a range of cybersecurity services and solutions to meet your needs:

Protect Your Business Against Cyber Threats With NexusTek

Cybersecurity has never been so crucial for businesses. IT advancements like modernization, digitally connected business ecosystems, and remote workforces have enlarged the attack surface for cyber threat actors, giving them more ways to enter your network unnoticed.

As cyberattacks proliferate, businesses of all sizes have struggled to keep up. The variety of threats we now face calls for a greater diversity of cybersecurity tools—and the corresponding expertise to manage them. With NexusTek as your partner, you have a full range of best-in-class technologies with an expert Security Operations Center (SOC) keeping watch around the clock.

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How Does Cybersecurity Benefit My Business?

Cybersecurity is a specialized form of crime prevention that reduces your risk of being victimized by criminals who use digital attack vectors. It benefits your business by keeping digital assets—like customer data, employee data, and intellectual property—safely out of cybercriminals’ reach. Cybersecurity helps you to manage the myriad risks associated with cybercrime, including direct costs due to theft or ransom, as well as indirect costs due to downtime, reputation damage, and lawsuits. A strong security posture also helps to qualify for reduced cyber insurance premiums.

Why Choose NexusTek for Cybersecurity Services and Solutions?

NexusTek’s cybersecurity services provide comprehensive threat evaluation, detection, and prevention at every level. We partner with industry leaders, allowing us to offer your business best-in-class security technologies managed by expert engineers in our 24-hour SOC. An SSAE 18 SOC II certified company, NexusTek performs compliance management assessments for various regulations, including GDPR, NIST, and HIPAA. Our IT consultants develop a custom incident response plan specific to your company to ensure your business is prepared for everything.

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Cybersecurity is a type of crime prevention that is focused on protecting your business from criminals who use digital attack vectors. Cybersecurity is multi-dimensional and involves a combination of risk assessment, preventive solutions, monitoring, and response practices. Cybersecurity risk assessment helps a business to identify gaps in its security posture that cybercriminals can exploit to launch an attack. Preventive solutions and practices address security vulnerabilities in ways that reduce the risk of a successful attack occurring. Cybersecurity monitoring—such as endpoint monitoring and SIEM—help to detect indicators of attempted attacks. Finally, incident response plans give companies clearcut protocols to follow in the event of a successful attack to mitigate the adverse effects of the attack.

NexusTek offers three customizable cybersecurity plans—Essential, Standard, and Advanced—that protect your users, business operations, brand reputation, and bottom line.


Essential Plan

NexusTek’s managed protection service plan lays the foundation to protect your business from cybercriminals. Our certified engineers monitor your systems for threats 24/7/365 and notify your team of any breaches with immediate alerts. Incident remediation services can be added on an ad hoc basis. The plan offers managed endpoint security software to cover all your bases. Each user also receives managed cloud email security solutions plus troubleshooting support. NexusTek’s cybersecurity consulting experts perform an annual security review to assess the health of your company’s security posture and recommend tailored solutions to improve cyber defenses.


Standard Plan

NexusTek’s managed protection and response plan not only defends against cyberattacks but also reacts to them, providing expert support for those high-stakes moments. In addition to 24/7/365 monitoring and alerting and the managed cybersecurity solutions of the Essential Plan, this package features managed DNS security and cybersecurity awareness training per user. On top of the annual security review performed by our IT security consulting experts, NexusTek will perform a vulnerability scan of the network edge per site every quarter. Our assistance with third-party cybersecurity questionnaires helps protect your revenue and reduce cyber insurance premiums. If a security breach occurs, rest easy with incident response and remediation services, included in the plan.


Advanced Plan

NexusTek’s managed detection and response plan protects your business, discerns security threats, and responds to cyberattacks. NexusTek’s Security Operations Center provides constant vigilance by proactively monitoring your IT systems 24/7/365 and performing Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) to detect and analyze malware activity. This comprehensive cybersecurity plan features unlimited event log correlation and aggregation monitoring per user to uncover threat patterns and vulnerabilities. The Advanced Plan upgrades the security health review to a quarterly basis, increases the frequency of vulnerability scans from quarterly to monthly, and includes incident response and remediation so your business has the ultimate cybersecurity measures year-round.


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