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IT Security

IT security refers to the technologies, policies, and procedures implemented to monitor and protect your infrastructure from unauthorized access, modifications, or denial of access.

Managing IT security is an ongoing process. Data is the heart of any business, and compromises are unacceptable. NexusTek’s IT Security solutions rely on best-practices, years of experience, and monitoring that works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. To ensure data is free from compromise, NexusTek’s experts know what to do in case of a security breach, and more importantly, how to prevent one.

NexusTek offers an array of IT security services with multiple layers of protection to keep data secure. Starting with a Vulnerability Assessment, we are able to diagnose how secure a network is, and what should be done to improve the security posture.

NexusTek Offers IT Security Services in the Following Areas:

IT Security Behavior Management

Security Policies – IT security starts with defined security policies. NexusTek works with companies to create a security policies tailored to meet the organization’s needs.

Access Management – Allow access to the network resources only for those authorized. From password management to access control lists, NexusTek ensures that network access is configured appropriately at all points of entry to the network.

Content Filtering – Be certain that inappropriate or offensive material does not enter the network. NexusTek can restrict access to non-business related web sites, and prevent e-mail with undesirable content from entering or leaving the network.

E-mail Security – Block email attacks before they enter the server, so that the organization in never affected. Most security threats such as viruses, spam, or malicious code enter the network via e-mail.

IT Security Tools and Technologies

Firewalls – Secure networks and optimize access for business operations. NexusTek will help select and configure a firewall for your business with the appropriate rules and policies. NexusTek’s class-leading tools analyze firewall logs to reveal security threats and traffic patterns that can greatly affect the speed and safety of a network.

Intrusion Detection and Prevention (IDP) – Protects business from malicious code embedded in the traffic allowed into the network. NexusTek’s multi-tiered IDP approach prevents dangerous security breaches.

Virus Protection – Stay ahead of the latest ransomware, viruses, trojans, and worms. NexusTek’s proactive virus protection for business networks updates automatically to ensure that you have the latest tools to fight the most dangerous threats.

Is Your Organization Ready for a Proactive IT Security Team?