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Las Vegas Cyber Security

Cyber Security Tops List of Nevada’s Priorities

Companies are realizing that you cannot be reactive when it comes to cybercrime, but that you need to be proactive to circumvent or mitigate risk. That’s why cyber security topped the list of priorities for Nevada Homeland Security in 2017, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal. Protecting computer systems and their critical data is the prime function of cyber security. With 220 billion interconnected devices slated to be operational by 2020, cyber security issues continue to take aim at enterprises and their stakeholders. That is why your business needs multi-layered protection against both internal and external threat agents.

The Value of Cyber Security

Vulnerability creates exploitation through company networks and applications. Malware, ransomware, denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks, and phishing for access to your system are just some of the cybercrime activities that can cost your company millions of dollars in downtime and loss of trust. This is why your company must be proactive to maintain consistent preventive measures against such exploitative forces. Employing cyber security services that provide consultations, assessments, monitoring, training and support opens up your enterprise to concentrate on the daily activities to effectively run your business without tying up valuable resources.

Transformative Cyber Service Strategies

Cybercrime is pervasive and costly. C-level management and other stakeholders cannot assume that their data and networks are protected from cyber-attacks. Companies relying on outside cyber security services benefit from verifications, not assumptions. Consultations regarding cyber security policy, risk assessments, penetration testing, automated continuous monitoring, training and support services provide companies with transformative strategies that proactively manage threats to your critical data and operations.

NexusTek of Las Vegas will work with you to update legacy systems, find vulnerabilities that can lead to exploitation and loss of data, and collaborate with you to strategically secure your internal networks and cloud services. Contact us to assess and plan what cyber security services your company needs to remain proactive and cyber-resilient.

You can protect your system data effectively with NexusTek cyber security services. Call us now for an evaluation of your network security needs!