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Network Operations Center

The most successful technology support companies design the maintenance and monitoring of all networking and computing technology around a NOC (Network Operations Center).

Why a NOC is Important for Your Business

A Network Operations Center, or NOC, is the epicenter for all IT management and monitoring to assure your company’s systems are running optimally at all times. The best NOCs operate using processes compliant with industry best practices, a CRM system (Customer Relationship Management) for integrated customer communications, and a Management and Monitoring system that issues alerts and service tickets identifying existing or potential customer IT problems.

As IT has become an integral element for small and mid-sized businesses – support from a NOC offers significant benefits for companies. NOC-centric delivery assures every piece of technology under the support umbrella of your IT provider is centrally monitored 24/7/365, with tests that run constantly to assess the health of all systems. A good NOC can proactively prevent a server infrastructure fault and supports system up-time and increased performance.

As technology and systems have improved, the proactive maintenance tasks centrally performed out of a NOC have become vital to delivering on a solid network security framework that is resilient to daily threats. For example, the process of ensuring software and operating systems are properly configured and up to date can be automated and monitored from the NOC. Absent this level of automation, this arduous task can consume countless hours of manual labor and greatly impacts the ROI of IT support spend.

A properly designed and managed NOC requires significant investment in technology and training. It also requires dedicated staffing with engineers who specialize in problem triage and remediation. The result of this model allows swifter resolution times for issues that can be measured in hours or days verses non-NOC centered approaches. Again, the ability to deliver proactive services that minimize the impact of IT issues is the holy grail of Managed Services success.

The Advantages and Business Efficiencies of the NexusTek NOC

Centralized Management
A single point of contact for any service modifications or issue resolution. Our Remote Services Team conducts all communication with you for fully centralized management and communication that is convenient, efficient and reliable. NOC, Help Desk, and monitoring alert issues are assigned to appropriate technical support staff seamlessly and transparently behind the scenes.

Customer Portal
Increases your employees’ productivity by allowing them to initiate instant communication with NexusTek’s Remote Services Team in the manner of their choice: toll-free phone, email, online ticket creation, or by accessing our website.

Synchronized Ticketing
Always know what’s going on with NexusTek’s transparent and efficient tracking system. Problem resolution and accurate billing are made possible by integrating NOC and Remote Support with CRM and synchronizing all ticket information.

Best Practices Workflow Management
Receive a consistent, professional response to every major alert, supported by hundreds of detailed workflow procedures developed by our most experienced system engineers.

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