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Phoenix Cloud Services

Find the Right Cloud Services in Phoenix

As a business owner or operator, you have surely heard of “the Cloud” but maybe aren’t aware yet of how you can be using the Cloud to your advantage. Gone are the days when your computer has to have a huge monitor or carrying around bulky external hard drives. Using the Cloud for storage and IT services means you can access programs, documents, and files over the Internet instead of having to be at work or on a certain device.

With NexusTek, we provide companies of all sizes with Cloud services. Several of the biggest advantages of Cloud services are:

  • Access anywhere, anytime, as long as you are connected to the Internet
  • Decreased costs for data storage and hardware
  • Easier for IT support to access your systems remotely

Hiring an IT company like NexusTek for your Cloud services means you have our IT expertise making sure all of your data is secure around the clock, stored in a reliable location, and accessible for your employees anywhere they have Internet. Along with Cloud services, NexusTek offers a variety of other services that will help cut costs and streamline your business.


DaaS opens the doors for businesses to save big and give employees more freedom. DaaS puts the desktop in the Cloud so employees are free to bring in their own device (laptop, tablet, or cell phone) and can still connect to company systems, corporate email, and more.


IaaS is the perfect way for businesses to avoid the cost of having servers on the premise and enough data storage as well. NexusTek can host and maintain the servers, storage, and security infrastructure needed to operate your business. But since we transport all this information via the Cloud, the hardware can be at our locations instead of yours.


SaaS allows your business to access major software without paying the licensing fees or needing to house the hardware to store the software. For a flat monthly fee, you can access the latest Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Dynamics 365 via the Cloud.

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