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Adaptable Cloud Services

Private Cloud

Our Enterprise-Class Server and Storage Infrastructure is fully redundant across multiple geographically diverse AT&T data centers.

Cloud Done Right

Organizations of all shapes and sizes are moving their business to the cloud — and for good reason:

Cost Savings. Flexibility. Computing Power. Security.

Regardless of respective industries or vertical markets, companies must ensure their deployment is Cloud, Done Right.

The benefits of the cloud are significant. However, the only way to address each enterprise’s individual needs is to deliver a Private Cloud that fulfills their unique security, business, and auditing requirements. Every company has its own way of doing things; even within the same industry, peers have specific processes, protocols, and computing needs.

Customers need NexusTek Private Cloud Solutions — their own Cloud — not a collection of disparate computing environments. The majority of our customers say that the Public Cloud lacks inherent flexibility, and that partnering with multiple vendors for SaaS or cloud solutions creates a disconnected approach that prohibits integration, limits productivity, and stifles innovation.

NexusTek Private Cloud Solutions

NexusTek’s overarching philosophy is based on the concept of ONE.

One Platform. One Helpdesk. One Business Process. One Portal. One Private, Customizable Cloud.

NexusTek’s Private Cloud Solutions are both a methodology and a solutions set born from a commitment to empower customers with the tools to take full advantage of cloud and virtualization in a private, and secure environment.

NexusTek Private Cloud Solutions permeate all functionality across the enterprise — not just architecture.

  • One Process — your level support does not change, regardless of service, making it easy for you to know who to turn to when you need help.
  • One Monitoring Solution, regardless of service.
  • One Scalable Architecture that allows you to scale capabilities on your Private Cloud as you need them, without affecting your business.

How We Deliver Solutions to Customers

All Private Cloud Solutions, which we deliver from our SSAE 16 certified data centers, benefit from our state-of-the-art security and networking infrastructure. We start by creating a Virtual Domain, or VDOM, for each customer, which ensures complete isolation from other customers — beginning the very moment we stand up your Private Cloud, and extending through any of the services we may deliver to you as a customer.

From there we can deliver Managed Virtual Machines, Managed Applications, Dedicated Messaging Services, and Hosted Virtual Desktops. This represents just a few of the services we have within our Portfolio. The concept of VDOM, which is inherent to the Private Cloud Solutions we deliver, ensures your services will meet the specific needs of your business.

How can NexusTek help you move to the Cloud, Done Right?