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Protect Your
Employees & Data

In this digital age, protecting your company’s data from cybercriminals has become as important as safeguarding your physical assets. 


It can be difficult to determine how to protect your business fully because cyber threats come in so many different forms and are changing all the time. Cybercriminals can attack anywhere they find a vulnerability, such as through email, through endpoints like laptops and mobile phones, or through direct penetration of your network.

If your cybersecurity solutions only partially cover the full range of vulnerabilities, then you are leaving the door open for hackers to gain access to sensitive information stored in your systems. This includes employee, company, and client data, which cybercriminals use for purposes like opening fraudulent credit accounts or illegally transferring funds. This is not to mention ransomware attacks that can immobilize your IT systems, shut down your operations, and destroy vital company data.

Having a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy is the key to protecting your company’s data, and NexusTek can assist you to develop the perfect arsenal of defenses. NexusTek’s cybersecurity services keep your data safe and secure, so that you can focus on running your business.

NexusTek Offers Cybersecurity Services & Solutions in the Following Areas:

Managed Cybersecurity Plans

Cybercriminals are using increasingly sophisticated methods to gain access to companies’ data, making “set it and forget it” approaches like antivirus software inadequate to protect against the cyber threats of today. Protecting against the multifold and ever-changing threats to your company’s cybersecurity requires a combination of proactive and reactive measures. NexusTek’s managed cybersecurity plans can be tailored to fit your company’s specific IT landscape, offering you advanced forms of protection against the whole spectrum of cybersecurity threats.

Managed Cybersecurity Plans benefits include:

  • Comprehensive cyber protection for your business
  • Customizable plans to meet your security needs
  • Our cyber experts manage your security systems

Infrastructure Security

Infrastructure security solutions serve two primary functions: (a) they shield your infrastructure from cyber threats, and (b) they limit the damage threat actors can do if they successfully penetrate your IT systems. Supporting both cloud and network security, infrastructure security solutions are designed to work together to protect entire IT systems from end to end. With the growing complexity of today’s IT systems in general, and the increase in cloud computing more specifically, infrastructure security solutions are an indispensable facet of a strong cybersecurity defense for businesses of all sizes. 

Infrastructure Security benefits include:

  • Reduce the risk of data breach
  • Secure reliable backups of critical data
  • Protect employees both onsite and remote
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Identity & Access Management

Identity and access management (IAM) solutions give your business control over which individuals and which devices remotely access your network. IAM is often considered an instrumental principle of a zero trust security strategy, and has become a security staple for businesses offering any type of remote network access. This includes remote and hybrid employees, partner or contractor portals, and internet of things (IoT) devices. IAM solutions allow you to grant the right people the right level of access, while keeping the wrong people out of your systems.

Identity & Access Management benefits include:

  • Protect business systems from unauthorized logins
  • Create stronger barriers to ransomware attacks
  • Enhance security for remote and hybrid workers

Cybersecurity Monitoring

Cybercriminals time their attacks strategically, aiming for windows when your guard is down. This is why your cybersecurity program is incomplete without 24/7/365 monitoring, which NexusTek offers through its Security Operations Center (SOC). Aided by Security Incident and Event Monitoring (SIEM) software, our expert-staffed SOC keeps constant watch over your business, ensuring that any aberrant behavior within your systems is identified and investigated swiftly. If threats to your business’ security are detected, our SOC alerts you immediately and initiates incident response as appropriate.

Cybersecurity Monitoring benefits include:

  • Constant threat monitoring using sophisticated behavior analysis
  • Minimize cyber risk and damage resulting from data breach
  • Reduce downtime resulting from cyberattacks
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Security Awareness Training

Employees are the #1 source of cyber risk for companies, and hackers persistently exploit this vulnerability through use of tactics referred to as social engineering campaigns. Social engineering refers to manipulative communications from hackers, sent through channels like email or text message, which play upon employees’ natural emotions and fears. It only takes one mistake by one employee for a hacker to gain access to your company systems. This makes security awareness training an essential element of your cybersecurity solutions repertoire.

  • Ensure employees know the do’s and don’ts of cybersecurity
  • Keep employees from falling for phishing scams
  • Stay up to date on latest cyberattack schemes

Cybersecurity Assessments

Cybersecurity assessments help you understand how your current IT systems and practices impact your cybersecurity compliance specifically, and your security posture more broadly. This knowledge, combined with specific recommendations for cybersecurity solutions and strategies that can patch any holes in your security, allows your business to take control of cybersecurity risk management. If today’s highly complex IT infrastructure combined with overlapping compliance regulations leaves you wondering if you’ve covered all your bases, turn to our senior technology leaders for clarity.

Cybersecurity Assessments benefits include:

  • Identify weaknesses that increase your business’ risk of cyberattack and/or downtime
  • Determine specific strategies for strengthening your business’ security posture
  • Improve your business’ compliance with applicable regulations
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Businesses of all sizes are vulnerable to cyberattacks and benefit from cybersecurity solutions that protect against threats. Hackers may actually find small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to be more attractive targets because SMBs often use less sophisticated cybersecurity solutions in comparison with larger companies. Unfortunately, successful attacks on SMBs can often amount to existential threats. In fact, 60% of small businesses that experience a cyberattack close within the next 6 months1, making comprehensive cybersecurity services important for SMBs as well as large companies.

Phishing is one form of social engineering, in which threat actors send emails to individuals with the intent of tricking them into taking actions like clicking on links, downloading attachments, or sharing sensitive information like passwords or account numbers. In phishing attacks on employees, hackers often use official titles and even company branding to create an air of authority that employees may find believable and persuasive. Smishing is a similar form of social engineering that uses text messages to manipulate the target of the attack. Because hackers are constantly changing their methods, the best cybersecurity solutions to combat phishing and smishing are a combination of awareness training and proactive monitoring.


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