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Regulatory Compliance Services

NexusTek understands strict legal standards with respect to IT management and data security- we help keep your organization compliant amid changing requirement mandates.

Compliance Services You Can Rely On

NexusTek has significant experience helping our clients understand, address, and manage IT-related requirements to achieve and maintain compliance standards such as HIPAA, PCI, Sarbanes-Oxley, etc.

With more company data in the cloud, alongside mobile devices that both store and have access to sensitive data, the challenge of protecting this information has never been greater.

Increased regulation in areas such as healthcare, finance, utilities, and government contracting, in an age of high-profile security breaches (e.g., Target™, Anthem™, Ashley Madison™, etc.), mean companies need to work harder to both implement and demonstrate effective security compliance.

Having a strong security posture starts with the creation, management and communication of sound information security policies and procedures. Even the best technology in the world cannot protect a company against lax practices.

Advanced Compliance Management with MyVCM™

MyVCM™ is a SaaS based solution that helps companies conduct a high level risk assessment; create, store and distribute policies and procedures; provide compliance training and assessment; enforce regular compliance workflows; and showcase compliance at an individual, departmental and organizational level.

By partnering with MyVCM™, NexusTek gives customers access to the additional tools and services they will need to execute many of the policies and procedures, for a complete compliance solution, allowing companies to develop a stronger security posture and better demonstrate regulatory compliance where required.

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