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Signs You Are Overdue for a Storage Assessment

5 Signs You’re Organization is Overdue for a Storage Assessment

Hiding inside your current data centers could be legacy storage equipment waiting to fail at the worst possible time. Older storage devices struggle to handle today’s increased data workloads and access requirements. If that’s true, where will you be 5-years from now? 5-months from now?

1. You don’t know what you don’t know

When it comes to storage trends, you want to stay proactive. From CIOs to IT administrators, the individuals responsible for overseeing data management need adequate time and resources to assess their organizations’ environment. Only then you can figure out the best next step towards data storage where mobility, private cloud computing, and data analytics. The path you take will have a significant impact on your legacy storage architecture.

2. You think your storage setup is too complex

Different drives, different media, delivered at different speeds – these factors make up the legacy data device landscape. From drives and disks, to optical storage and tapes and then the many manufacturers involved, it can get overwhelming. By assessing your storage environment and planning today, you can streamline your organization’s data management for the future.

3. You constantly get complaints from employees

Cutting-edge data storage solutions are no longer reserved for the Fortune 500. Sharing common data services across both physical storage and software-defined storage systems, today’s technology is scalable for businesses of all sizes. Your storage should support your workflow, empowering end users (your employees) to access storage that supports all applications across physical and cloud hosts making productivity issues due to limited storage a thing of the past.

4. You’re not sure if you’re making the right decisions

Data storage is a frequent topic of discussion for business leaders and will continue to be for the foreseeable future. You need an environment that keeps you informed. A storage assessment helps your organization understand those analytics to compete at the highest level.

5. You think you should be getting a better ROI

When it comes to storage, your ROI (return on investment) is about consolidating workloads to maximize their value. Who knows what secrets are lurking in your data, if only you could recognize it. Reducing the complexity of data storage across many points is critical to achieving a better ROI.

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