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Coronavirus and the Need for a Remote Workforce Failover Plan

Coronavirus and the Need for a Remote Workforce Failover Plan

For some businesses, the Coronavirus is requiring them to take a deep dive into remediation options if the pandemic was to effect their workforce or local community. Options to travel, have in-person meetings and even in-office contact (like handshakes) may need to become regulated and monitored for your business. The affects this can have on a business’ bottom-line can be drastic if the appropriate steps are not planned for.

The reality for your business and a conversation that needs to be brought to the forefront is to secure your Business Continuity Plan (BCP). This BCP will outline detailed steps on how to run your business if the virus (or any other peril) were to become an issue in your area. Within your BCP, a theorized list of implications that a peril would have on your business and ways to mitigate the impact of peril or outage-induced downtime are vital to the success of your plan.

Here are a few questions to pose to your senior leadership team to ensure your business is prepared for an event such as this:

Planning is imperative in pandemic and disaster preparedness. If you do not already, now is the time to develop your plans, procedures and policies for pandemics like the coronavirus and other disasters. Being prepared will mitigate the impact on your business and reduce downtime. If you do not have a cloud provider or IT Services company to help you navigate your business through situations such as coronavirus, contact NexusTek below.