Moving Nearly 300 Employees to Working Remotely

At NexusTek, we take pride in practicing what we preach. We have always encouraged clients and our partners to ensure they had the ability to work remotely “in case something happened, and they couldn’t go to the office.”

Enter 2020 and the chaos that came with it:

In a matter of a couple weeks, NexusTek was moving all employees from their multiple offices throughout the country to a work-from-home environment.

How did we do it?

Our staff made it possible, but here are a few of the components that went into it as well:

  • We communicated with our team and customers on a regular basis.
  • Customers and employees were our top priorities throughout the process.
  • Working from home was allowed and encouraged early to prevent any spread through our employees.
  • Our Executive Leadership Team met daily to discuss changes based on current data from COVID-19.
  • Clear expectations were set for our entire team while encouraging feedback to management.
  • Technology was already in place to ensure that employees could work from home without interruption. We cannot, however, say we didn’t have to call our own tech support from time to time.
  • NexusTek staff met frequently via Microsoft Teams to keep the interpersonal contact going without physically being face-to-face.
  • Company-wide meetings were held regularly for to provide updates and answer any questions that our employees had throughout the time away from the office.
  • Employees were informed about programs available to them by the government as well as NexusTek.

How did working from home impact our productivity?

Working remotely did not decrease our productivity in providing our customers remote support when in need. In some areas, it improved productivity. Of course, limiting projects on-site was one of the aspects that was out of our control because of state, local and national ordinances. Overall, we saw no major changes and productivity stayed at or above where it was before COVID-19 changed any plans.

Technology was vital in keeping us productive and efficient during this time. We used Desktop as a Service, Microsoft Teams, Virtual Desktop Interface, Cloud Solutions, and many other services to ensure positive outcomes of this situation.

What have we learned so far?

One of our key takeaways was that if you have the correct employees, technology and communication plans in place, working remotely is not a damper on the production level’s parade. Our top priority is ensuring our customers and employees stay as safe as possible and with that in mind, we make strategic decisions on a daily basis.

Perhaps the best thing we learned is the community of customers, employees and strategic partners is the best part of NexusTek.

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