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NexusTek Puts the Happy in Happy Hour

NexusTek Puts the Happy in Happy Hour

Missing your coworkers and the comradery of being in the office? Most of us can relate.

There is nothing like a morning chat over a cup of coffee in the company kitchen or lounge area.  The chance to build and develop relationships with colleagues is a major factor in why people enjoy being in the office over working from home. Although working from your couch can be good some days, some prefer the option of going into the office from an interpersonal communication standpoint.

Working from home brings its challenges, but one thing that can help bring back the feeling of comradery and office small talk is a Virtual Happy Hour via Microsoft Teams. Teams is a platform provided by Microsoft for video conferencing and team collaboration on various projects. It can host a meeting, training session, quarterly review, or our favorite – HAPPY HOUR.

This happy hour is unlike most happy hours. Its Bring Your Own Drink. You can have coffee, tea, water, beer, or frankly anything in your fridge. You get to know your coworkers. Lastly, no one has to pay the whole table’s tab.  😉 Happy hours are great ways to feel like you are not socially deprived. There are also many other ways to use Teams to bring more socialization into your work from home environment.

At NexusTek, we have fully utilized Teams and the ability to have face-to-face interactions with our coworkers. Whether we have a meeting after work and talk about the latest NFL Drafts or an hour-long Friday afternoon chat for anyone in the organization hosted by the CEO. Last week, “concerts that we have attended” was the main topic of discussion as well as a few questions around the strategy of the company’s COVID-19 pandemic response plan.

One of our leaders hosted a quarterly meeting recently through Teams and included a trivia game with the app “Kahoot!” This is an app that allows large teams to compete against each other in a scored trivia game.

These small things make a huge difference when hosting meetings or happy hours for employees.

Whether you want to host your next meeting through teams or get together with the people in your department for a virtual happy hour, Microsoft Teams is the platform to use.