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Top 17 Tech Companies in Colorado

Top 17 Tech Companies in Colorado

Mainstream media’s fascination with Colorado has placed our culture, lifestyle, and legislation in the limelight. From progressive laws to our real estate and construction boom and the expanding economy into new markets, Colorado’s brand is growing on a grand scale.

As an IT company founded more than 22 years ago, NexusTek has seen many changes in Colorado, including the slow and steady expansion of small and medium-sized businesses. In recent years, reports have cited an influx of entrepreneurs and investors placing their bets on Colorado innovation. This reputation has also led to big brands and large corporations looking to bring their operations to the Rocky Mountain State.

Although Colorado did not achieve the 2015 top ranking state for high-tech jobs, Colorado continues to attract big names in technology.

NOTE: NexusTek is a technology company that focuses on managed IT services for cloud, cyber security, ERP and CRM (Microsoft Dynamics 365), business continuity and disaster planning/backup, VoIP and serving small and mid-sized businesses in 6 markets across the U.S. Contact us here if you are interested in IT services and solutions for your small or mid-sized business.

Here is our list of the top national/global tech companies that are either headquartered or have a substantial presence in Colorado:

1. Lockheed Martin

Lockheed Martin is a national leader in the aerospace, defense and security space with their headquarters in Fort Worth, Texas. But in Littleton, Colorado they have Autonomous Systems where they work on robotic airborne and ground systems, vehicles, and surveillance. Robotics technology and development has a strong presence in Colorado and Lockheed is a big player here. For those passionate about robotics, here are 15 unmanned technology facts courtesy of Lockheed Martin.

2. IBM Corporation

While headquartered in Armonk, NY, IBM chose Boulder to house more than 2,800 employees because of its climate, surrounding areas, and for the lower risk for natural disasters. The tech giant’s Boulder campus is dedicated to IBM Resiliency Services division. IBM (originally, International Business Machines) is more than 100 years old and was founded in 1911 in Endicott, NY.

3. Oracle

Once the largest tech employer in Colorado in 2010, Oracle has made its mark in the mountain region with offices in Denver, Monument, and Broomfield. Their main office is in Redwood City, California, but these field offices in Colorado house nearly 2,000 of the company’s reported 120,000 employees worldwide. In 1998, Oracle Founder, Larry Ellison said, “If the Internet turns out not to be the future of computing, we are toast. But if it is, we are golden.”

4. Avaya

Highlands Ranch and Colorado Springs are the two location of Avaya’s offices in Colorado. Their headquarters are in California, where they deal with multi-channel business communications with customer and team productivity solutions. Avaya has 5,400 patents and pending patent applications, including foreign counterparts.

5. Level 3

Headquartered in Broomfield, Colorado, Level 3 Communications works with enterprise businesses as well as the government with their communications services. Level 3’s services reach over 500 markets and more than 60 countries anchored by extensive fiber networks on three continents and connected by undersea facilities. Level 3 is the largest competitive local exchange carrier, and the 2nd largest provider of fiber optic internet access (based on coverage area) in the United States.

6. Tempus Nova

With their main office located in Denver, Tempus Nova is proudly a Google Apps Premier Partner, where they concentrate their work in Google Apps implementation, cloud services, app development, as well as Google Enterprise Solutions. In business for 14 years, Tempus Nova is a women-owned minority small business.

7. MapQuest

Acquired by AOL in 2000, MapQuest headquarters is located in Denver. A name and brand that, unless you have been living on Mars, you would recognize and know exactly what they do. Just for grins — they are a free online map and direction service with mobile apps for every device. What some may not know is that they have enterprise solutions for businesses that can easily optimize their routes and add map integrations to their websites. Brian McMahon, MapQuest’s top executive says the question they get asked a lot: “Does MapQuest still exist?” They do still exist and have always been profitable.

8. Zayo Group

Formerly known as Latisys, the company changed management and their name to Zayo Group in 2015. Their two data center facilities are located just outside of downtown Denver in Englewood. They provide hybrid infastructure-as-a-service for enterprise cloud and managed hosting solutions. The founder of Zayo Group, Dan Caruso, was a former top executive with Level 3 Communications. His company has grown from a startup less than a decade ago, to one of the largest providers of bandwidth infrastructure services in the United States and Europe.

9. MCAD Technologies

MCAD, for the past decade, has been providing 3D printing and rapid phototyping solutions to the engineering community. With five offices from the Midwest to the West Coast, MCAD has two of them in Colorado — Denver and Boulder. They also provide services of tech documentation, webinars, tech support as well as staffing services.

10. SendGrid

Based in Boulder, SendGrid has expanded operations and now has offices in Denver, California and London. They are an e-mail marketing and STMP relay service that allows you to send bulk e-mail to your subscribers. Some of their biggest clients include Airbnb, Foursquare, Spotify and Uber.

11. iTriage

With the first mobile app to make our list and headquartered in Denver, iTriage has a healthcare app boasting more than 13 million downloads across Google’s and Apple’s app stores. The app helps the user with answers to medical questions and practical advice on how to take action in your everyday life to be healthier. The story of iTriage began with a need identified by two triage doctors.

12. Sphero

Boulder is housing one of the smartest toys out there. Sphero developers Ian Bernstein and Adam Wilson were passionate robotics engineers who both attended Colorado universities and met through their shared love of robotics. Introduced to the thriving Techstar community in 2010, their work progressed and the result is a line of robots and connected toys to help educate kids. Sphero’s design is intended to inspire young minds through robot play.

13. Zen Planner

Littleton, Colorado is the home to Zen Planner and their all-in-one fitness business software for studios, trainers, and gyms. Taking the fitness industry digital, Zen Planner has made their mark with applications available for tablets and smartphones that, at a minimum, helps users with fitness scheduling, attendance tracking, automatic billing and more. No better place than Colorado to marry the fitness industry and digital!

14. ReadyTalk

Located in Denver, ReadyTalk is one of the top providers for web and audio conferences, as well as hosting webinars online. Placing sixth in the top ten video conferencing companies worldwide, just ahead of the well-known WebEx, some of ReadyTalk’s biggest clients include Marketo, Workfront, and Profiles International. The company has been going strong since 2000.

15. SolidFire

Boulder-based SolidFire is revolutionizing the data center with their next generation “all-flash” storage systems. With one of the largest cloud infrastructures in the world, they are a leader in cloud computing. Since launching in 2010, the company has raised $150 million in venture capital funds. In 2014, SolidFire was recognized by the Denver Post as one of the Top Workplaces in Colorado.

16. FullContact

FullContact is another leading tech software company based in Denver that has won consistent equity investment. In March of 2015, the company announced another $10 million in their latest funding round bringing the total equity investment in the company to $20 million. FullContact helps sales reps and marketers find contact information and social profiles by email for prospecting. It also integrates with Salesforce and Pardot so users can get information automatically from their CRM just by submitting an email address.

17. Google

You read correctly! The tech giant, Google, has begun work on their campus in Boulder, Colorado! The Internet search trailblazer broke ground on their new 330,000-square-foot Boulder site in 2015. Expected to house up to 1,500 employees, the first of two phases is targeted for completion January of 2017. Currently, 300 employees are spread among four buildings in Boulder. Certainly, the Google culture will fit perfectly with the Boulderite, something we’ve come to know and love as Coloradans!

This list could include many more tech companies in the SMB and enterprise market as examples of growth, innovation and entrepreneurialism in Colorado.

With Colorado’s amazing views and culture, it’s no surprise to us why more and more companies are choosing the Rocky Mountain region to call home for their businesses and their families. Like many others, we just feel fortunate to be one of the largest IT managed services companies in a growing market in the great state of Colorado!