Which of the following is NOT a known way Ransomware can infect your company’s infrastructure?

Do you know how Ransomware works? Ransomware enters your infrastructure from a single source and spreads to every file it can get its hands on. It then encrypts all your files and demands a ransom of hundreds or thousands of dollars (usually involving bitcoin) to unlock your files. NexusTek offers a Ransomware Mitigation solution - Find out more here: Vulnerability Assessment

If you try to open a Microsoft Excel document that you frequently use and it says that the file is corrupted, what should you do first?

Ransomware affects a multitude of businesses on a daily basis. There are forms of Ransomware that can enter through one workstation and infect an entire company’s file share in no time at all. How secure are you? NexusTek offers a Ransomware Mitigation solution - Find out more here: Network Security

If your data was compromised by a Ransomware virus, what is the quickest and safest way to restore that data?

Do you backup your data? There are many ways to back up your data…they range from copying all your files periodically to an external source to having your data automatically backed up to the cloud and managed for you. NexusTek can provide you with a state-of-the-art Backup solution - Find out more here: Business Continuity

What are some ways Hackers can enter your IT infrastructure?

“Hacker” seems like a term from an old 90’s movie. Believe it or not, Hackers are still out there and smarter than ever. They could be individuals from another country or even someone you know. NexusTek has programs that not only solve all your IT needs but provides an enterprise level Antivirus included? Find out more here: Virus Protection

What are some ways a hacker can get a person’s sensitive data from a cell phone?

Cell phones…the next frontier of security threats. They’re devices that have microphones, video, our passwords, credit card info, contacts, etc… and many organizations do not track or manage their mobile devices like they would their laptops. NexusTek has a Mobile Device Management program - find out more here: Mobile Security