Vacations are an important part of the work-life balance that we all want to achieve. It is proven that taking a step away from work for a period of time, can even improve productivity.

Unfortunately, as business owners, you cannot afford to shut down operations. It’s “business as usual” regardless of the season. In the Information Technology industry, we are charged with supporting technology for businesses 24/7/365, so we see what works for companies and what doesn’t.

Explore 3 common IT Scenarios your company may face during Vacation season:

1. IT Staff is Out of the Office

Scenario: Your email is down and normally you would email your IT Tech Support
employee to get assistance. You try and call him/her and no luck.

A solid IT Business Plan always incorporates a backup plan to getting IT Support. Does your business have a back-up if your IT Staff is on vacation?

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2. IT Outsource is a Very Small IT Company

Scenario: You’re attempting to close a huge business deal in late December before year-
end. You’re working on your final presentation to the client and you get a computer virus that locks that presentation (Ransomware). You reach out to your IT Company and get a voicemail.

Many businesses decide to outsource their IT with smaller IT Companies because of cost and a more personal touch. But, when the 1-person company is off due to illness, vacation or at another client’s site dealing with an emergency, support may be severely delayed.

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3. IT Support Agreement by the Hour

Scenario: A snow storm hits and the power goes out. Your IT equipment shuts down and when the power comes back, your primary server will not boot up. You call your Local IT Company to get this fixed. They respond immediately and spend hours fixing or replacing your server. A few weeks later you get a bill for the IT labor cost… which is thousands of dollars.

As needed support may sound great but the reality is that IT support is less like an insurance policy and more like an ongoing maintenance cost. NexusTek offers a No Contract, Unlimited IT Support option that may sound like a little more per month but will pay off over the year.

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