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9 Reasons to Prioritize Your MultiValue Upgrade

9 Reasons to Prioritize Your MultiValue Upgrade

At NexusTek, it’s our mission to ensure our customers get the most value out of our client support. We go about this by providing the most talented experts, best performing technology, and personal service.

Upgrading your MultiValue Application Platform should be a natural and expected part of any business that has employees and customers depending on the data in that system. Here are the top 9 reasons you will want to schedule that upgrade:

  1. Avoid Security Vulnerabilities: Stay current with the latest security features that are supported within the latest versions of your MultiValue Application Platform. Instances of data security breaches are reaching new heights and upgrades are important to secure your critical business data from unauthorized access and malicious attacks. Enabling encryption for the safe transfer of data will be affected without these important upgrades.
  1. Ease of Future Upgrades: Ease of upgrading is increased the closer you are to the latest version of your MultiValue Application Platform. Taking a proactive stance toward upgrading will allow for simpler and faster implementation going forward.
  1. 3rd Party Product Compatibly Issues: Users that stay current with the latest version of their MultiValue Application Platform are less likely to encounter compatibility issues from 3rd party product updates.
  1. Best Support Knowledge with New Version: Our support team is highly trained on the tools to address the most common issues our customers have experienced. As time goes on, the availability of “experts” to help you with your old, patched MultiValue Application Platform diminishes.
  1. Need Features Only Available with a New Version or your MultiValue Application Platform: Upgrades include new or enhanced features, better compatibility with different devices and/or applications and improved overall stability (maturity = more integration points) of your application.
  1. Enhanced Performance: With each new MultiValue Application Platform version there are enhancements that provide improved performance of your MultiValue application. If you’re still running on a 32-bit version of your MultiValue Application Platform it is time to upgrade to take advantage of the 64-bit performance of newer versions. Enhanced performance = Enhanced productivity.
  1. Preparing for an IT Audit: A compliance reporting feature that’s necessary to be “in compliance” with the latest standards may only exist in a later version of your MultiValue Application Platform. 
  1. Hardware/OS Software: A new OS version requires an upgrade to your MultiValue Application Platform that is certified for the latest OS release.
  1. Avoid Functionality and Support Issues Due to “End of Life”: When a product lifecycle approaches “end of life” it is important to keep your systems operational by following through with the upgrade recommendations. For example, with Rocket Software’s older MultiValue Application Platforms new or additional licenses are no longer available.

In a world where many software updates are “pushed” regularly to your smartphone, browser, cable box – it seems counterintuitive that some of the most important enterprise software in the world is “pulled” for updates. Worse yet, it’s not pulled very often.  Don’t fall victim to complacency!

Now that you know the reasons to upgrade, are you ready for the latest version of your D3 MultiValue Application Platform?