Be Ahead of Your Competitors by Using Technology

What determines the top businesses in a field? Whether it is by votes or qualifications, most businesses strive to be among the best in their industry. One thing that is often overlooked is the way that technology can be used to ensure business continuity as well as optimal efficiency in the workplace.

Running a business in an ever-changing world of technology presents itself with many opportunities to grow and be more efficient within the workplace. With so many options available, it is important to know the features, advantages and benefits of the tools that will provide the most ease of running day-to-day operations.

  • Data Backup: Your company’s data is its lifeline. Having your data in the cloud or in a backup device assures your business’ continuity in the case of a natural disaster or human error mishap. At NexusTek, we can spin a backup environment for our clients’ data within a short period of time – in literal “seconds.” If you are without a backup and disaster recovery plan, reach out to NexusTek today for more information.
  • Cybersecurity: The level of cyberattacks that can be created and imposed on a company are becoming increasingly worse by the sophistication of cybercriminals around the world as well as the vulnerable state businesses leave themselves in. Between ransomware, malware, and overall security issues, having a provider that can expertly provide cybersecurity services is a must. Is your business protected? Connect with us at the link below if you consider the security of your business important. Many business owners and senior leadership fail to recognize the potential business detriment when their network is exposed and vulnerable.
  • VoIP: Did you know that nearly 71 percent of businesses are using analog telephone systems? Voice over IP (VoIP) is an efficient way to maximize productivity in business while saving on cost. With our many VoIP offerings, we can find a customized phone solution for you. Some of the features include call recording, video conferencing, voicemail transcription and service mobility. More businesses today are streamlining costs by going with mobile workforces and ensuring productivity simultaneously. To take part in the mobile workforce movement, one only needs to be partnered with the right IT service provider.

So many options, so little time, right? Hiring an expert in technology is helpful when making decisions for utilization of technology in a business. Our team of consultants are well-versed in working within your budget constraints while creating a solution that will propel your business’ efficiency. Hiring a managed service provider allows you to have customized solutions for your business.

Have you optimized the technology in your business lately?
If not, contact NexusTek to find out how technology can make your daily operations more seamless and productive.


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