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Holiday Office Party Mishap Prevention in Memes

Holiday Office Party Mishap Prevention in Memes

Office holiday parties and the celebratory time of year brings joy, laughter, and of course- office party mishaps. From spilling refreshments on keyboards to the hundreds of emails that flood inboxes, we are here to make the best of the holiday season. And let’s be honest, sometimes a meme can say more than a paragraph. Here are a few memes that make us laugh out loud with their relevancy.

Accidents happen, So, this is a friendly reminder from your friends at NexusTek to avoid spilling eggnog, soda, or really- anything other than wisdom on your devices. But, if you do, remember that NexusTek doesn’t only offer Managed IT Services, we can also replace your hardware if needed!

We’ve all been there. You are out of the office for a week and come back to 4,397 emails. Remember that hackers are lurking during the holidays. Do not open emails unless you know the sender and are sure that it is not a phishing email. Remember to look at the actual sender’s address. Hackers can make an email appear from someone who you know.

In case you missed it, you still have a couple weeks to upgrade equipment and purchase new hardware and software using Section 179. Read More or watch our on-demand webinar. This will expire at the end of the year, so act quickly.

The holidays are a time to enjoy time with your friends and family. Stressing about your business and the security of it should be out of mind during this time. If you are not certain that your data is backed up in the cloud or elsewhere, please Contact Us we’d love to help!

Having a managed service provider is imperative to the wellness of your daily business operations. At NexusTek, we want our clients to be able to focus on what they do best and leave the technology to us. Learn More about our managed services offerings!

Regardless if you can relate to all or one of these memes, we want to hear from you about your technology and business needs.