Within the average business, the sales and IT departments couldn’t be farther apart on the corporate spectrum. The classic relationship between the two departments involved the sales team needing their computers functioning properly and the IT team counting on the sales team to keep the revenue stream flowing by closing deals.

As we enter 2018, we’re seeing the technical acumen of the average employee and executive increase at an unprecedented rate. And, if we allow these two different worlds to collide the outcome is a rarity found within few companies. Below you’ll find two scenarios that will provide insight to the business value of a strong relationship between your sales & IT departments.


You may think that if your prospects are not of the technical variety then your investment in IT doesn’t need to be substantial. Unfortunately, this logic doesn’t have a leg to stand on. Whether you focus on B2B or B2C, the reality is that our technical environment cannot be ignored this digital era.


A simple fact is the need to have expedited response rates for inquiring customers. For example, your business receives inbound customer inquiries via email (whether it is direct or routed through your website). Interestingly, email communication can easily be misconfigured, especially when it is being routed from another source. Your sales & marketing teams work hard to bring in and close business, but if the inbound flow of leads gets clogged (sometimes without your knowledge) your business can significantly feel the impact.


Email hosting and spam filters are not to be taken lightly. Email is the lifeblood of communication for most businesses and if email is adversely affected your business will feel the pain immediately. With a managed IT solution in place, you’re IT team will have the ability to monitor the health of your email and flow within your spam filter to ensure that your sales team is receiving every vital email.


A Formula One race car is made for performance, just like your sales team. And, just like a Formula One race car, your sales team will quickly deteriorate and lose the race without its pit crew (IT Department). While your sales team needs to focus on selling, it will also need its technical tools performing at optimal levels. This can include: laptops, phones, cloud integration to quoting programs & CRM, etc…


Your business uses VoIP (Voice over IP) technology. If your switch & firewall were not correctly configured (which many are not correctly configured) or is in need of a firmware upgrade, you and your inbound caller may experience significant quality issues. Moreover, a sales deal may be compromised if you are on an important conference call to close a deal and your voice is continually digitized because of this misconfiguration leading to confusion and a poor customer experience.


Having a solid managed IT solution to prevent this situation is a must, but who do you call if you test your system and are experiencing issues? Your business may be at risk with a single-threaded IT department (1-2 IT personnel). Having a fully staffed NOC (Network Operations Center) operating 24 hours a day, at your disposal, is crucial.



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