Gold Star Sausage Company, Case Study, Denver Mnaaged IT Services, Strategic IT Comsulting, Information TechnologyThere are many reasons why clients come to us for help with their technology needs. In the case of Gold Star Sausage Company, they required a strategic overhaul of their IT environment and infrastructure, including data backup and recovery, as their business had outgrown its current IT services company.

Gold Star Sausage Company has been based in Denver, Colorado since 1936, and is a private label producer of hot dogs and sausages of all varieties. They are the largest producer in the Rocky Mountain Region, and continue to grow. They need an IT company who will be accessible and responsive so that they can concentrate on their core business functions and not have to worry about the IT operations of the company.

Gold Star was concerned that the one-person IT firm that they had employed for 17 years could not keep up with the increasing demands of their company in addition to the demands of the other companies it serviced. Often, Gold Star had to wait hours and even days for a response to a voice mail or email. Once they received a reply, they would have to wait longer for the issue to be resolved, leading to more costly production downtime.

Now, Gold Star is subscribed to NexusTek’s Unlimited Cloud Program to manage the daily IT needs of their company. It includes periodic assessments of their IT environment to make sure that it is keeping up with current technology and the demands of their business. Moreover, when Gold Star does have an issue, their inquiry is answered by a live person from NexusTek which is monitoring client environments 24/7/365. Gold Star is also currently experiencing higher production levels as well.

Please click here to read the full case study from NexusTek.

Should you require an evalaution of your IT environment to make sure that your system is keeping up with the demands of your business, please contact the IT experts at NexusTek.

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