IT security means two dogs sitting next to your serverIs your idea of IT security to have a pit bull sleeping next to your server (25% of respondents)?

Do you have an employee who knows a little too much about IT to focus on his/her real job because they are the go-to tech support resource 40% of the time?

Is your downtime reducing productivity by 15% or more? How much does that cost your business each year?

Addressing IT needs with a reactive, versus proactive, approach strains your resources and limits potential.

NexusTek is all about making it easier for our customers to focus on what they know best — their businesses. We love seeing the positive impact of proactive IT management on growth potential!

Enjoy this infographic — a confirmation of sorts — of the things we see every day while managing the IT networks for small and midsize businesses in the Denver market.

 Denver smbs talk tech needs

Make 2016 the year for growth SMB!

Much of what we uncovered in our survey is not news to our field tech team. Our engineers hear from the employees who are at ground zero when things go wrong.

The hardest part for the “insiders” is making the case for change within an organization. With the support of a knowledgeable business-minded technology partner they can do their job and in turn, create a thriving foundation for growth.

We feel your pain and we can help!

Since 1996, NexusTek has been a trusted IT services partner to small and midsize businesses across Colorado’s Front Range.



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