Microsoft Dynamics SL - erp solutions denver coloradoSo be honest. You think that securing an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system is only for large, corporate businesses right?   It’s true that ERP- once considered so complex and expensive – was targeted only to large enterprises. But now we know that it’s become a viable option for companies of all sizes. But because ERP systems aren’t much fun to buy, install, deploy or maintain, smaller companies are finding that they don’t want to go it alone and are partnering with IT service providers.

Before we look at the benefits of outsourcing, let’s take a quick look at exactly what outsourcing your ERP means.

  1. Application hosting – This is when resources or hosting space are purchased from an external company with the intention to store software such as an ERP system
  2. Application Management – The technical requirements of the ERP system are given to an external company and they will provide software upgrades, patches and bug fixes.
  3. Helpdesk outsourcing – 365/24/7

Ok, so you’ve chosen your ERP system (we hope it’s Microsoft Dynamics SL), why outsource? Based on our experience and customer feedback, companies choose outsourcing specifically because, 1) it’s a much more effective use of capital, 2) improved service delivery; and more importantly, 3) clients will be able focus on core competencies.

What should you look for in a provider? Again, we’re biased. But we believe that he best service providers will essentially become an extension of your IT department, working closely with your organization. Your provider should offer top tier data centers, well defined services delivery methodology and application expertise.

We think it’s vital that your provider actually know what your business does as well as you do. They should have precise knowledge of how your systems and applications work, so that they can address problems and make updates.

How can NexusTek help?

Our services include business requirements analysis and consultation, system design, implementation and data migration. We also perform version upgrades, assist with failed project restarts, and offer comprehensive customization services.

This is why we are so proud of our team at NexusTek. Our talented and experienced teamcan provide our clients with simplified & streamlined their project accounting, multi-currency/multi-company management, and complex financial reporting. Our clients gain critical financial management insights, meet compliance requirements in their industry and ultimately support growth & market expansion.


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