Microsoft Dynamics SL 2015, ERP, IT consulting and implementation, IT planning, IT managed servicesMicrosoft announced the release of its latest version of Dynamics SL in October 2014. As Dynamics SL is particularly suited for organizations which are project-focused, new functionality was launched within Dynamics SL Projects which provide greater project management efficiencies for a company’s staff.

Other enhancements were made to its Financial and Reporting tools. But the biggest game changer is the huge strides made in the way of Web Apps, making Microsoft Dynamics SL 2015 more accessible and mobile to help companies to increase their productivity and bottom line.

Highlights of Microsoft Dynamic SL 2015 New Features:

Web Apps – Focus on mobility continues to grow strong for organizations who want to provide employees with the convenience of remote access to their important tools such as their ERP system so they can perform their tasks “anytime, anywhere” – away from the office or on the road via multiple devices.

  • Microsoft Dynamics SL 2011 Web Apps – Microsoft added web apps in their 2011 release, and these existing features have been updated to run on SL 2015:
    • Project Time Entry with support for Project Flex Time
    • Project Correcting Timecards
    • Project T type – Timecard support (supporting prepopulated time cards)
    • Project Expense Entry (with attachments)
    • Project Expense Reports
    • Project Time & Expense Approval
    • Project Analyst
  •  microsoft dynamics sl 2015, it outsourcing, it management, it servicesNew Microsoft Dynamics SL 2015 Web Apps  – Will include additional remote access functionality:
    • Project Timesheet Entry
    • Project Communicator
    • Project Maintenance & Inquiry
      • Billing Information Maintenance
      • Project Maximums Maintenance
      • Percent Complete and Revenue Recognition Setup
      • Address Maintenance
      • Contract Value and Revenue Information
    • Budget Maintenance and Inquiry
    • Budget Revision Maintenance, Approval, Inquiry, and Analysis
    • Project Invoice Approval
    • Project Delegations Approval
    • Item Request Entry & Approval
  • Quick Query, microsoft dynamics sl 2015, it outsourcing, it management, it services, erp, financical softwareQuick Query Web Apps – Quick Query can now be viewed on tablets and smartphones along with desktop machines.
  • Basic Resource Management – This web app brings new functionality needed by project managers. The Resource Management dashboard allows project managers to quickly view resource assignments by project.
  • Source Code for Web Apps – This allows customization of screens by adding or removing fields or by adding code.

Project – New enhancements improve the way companies work with their customers and also provide stronger control over managing projects.

  • Multi-company processing, microsoft dynamics SL 2015, denver-based IT management, it outsourcingMulti-Company Processing – Many organizations manage more than one company. Because of this, Microsoft has enhanced its project processes such as Allocations, Indirect Rate Calculator and project reporting. Reports and processes that have been dependent on the current company no longer have this limitation in Dynamics SL 2015.  Now, these project-based functions can be run from any company from one single login and there is no need to change companies to run reports and processes.
  • Multi-Company Security – Project lookup lists now only display the Project and its associated company, and users only see Company Projects if they have access rights to a company. This can reduce the number of projects seen and provides a relevant list of projects.
  • Multi-Currency Project base currency – Now, both the Company base currency and the Project currency are stored for project transactions. However, when the project currency differs from the company base currency, project transactions, including subcontractor costs and billings will be tracked in both currencies. This provides reporting options in either the company’s base currency or the project currency.
  • Taxable Items – Accounts Payable sales tax applicable to vouchers and adjustment entries now flow from and to the Project and Task specified in the detail lines.

Financial – Through the Dynamics SL product suggestion tool, Microsoft was able to further improve processes and simplify them.

  • microsoft dynamics SL 2015, IT managed services, IT services, it consulting, it outsourcingAccounts Payable  Calculations and creation of Vendor backup withholdings, currently a manual process, can now be processed automatically at the time of payment selection. Vendors are flagged for 1099 non-compliance. The result is that any Payables batches containing a non-compliant vendor can automatically create a withholding batch. Additionally, when multiple payments are being made against one vendor invoice, these can now be applied against a single voucher using the new Multi-prepayments screen.
  • Accounts Receivable – There is now a new Invoice Preview feature users can use to review each invoice prior to release individually or through a new Quick Query invoice preview screen. Users no longer need to catch errors when invoices are printed and errors are apparent.
  • Payroll  Dynamics SL 2015 removes many redundant and unnecessary steps in the Payroll module.
    • When the amount of a reduction is changed in Review/Edit Check, the process of re-calculating “subject earnings YTD” is now automated.
    • If Voided Checks need to be reissued, this can be done without re-running the Pay Labor Interface. This eliminates the need to re-enter time as the time entry is reactivated when the original check is voided.
    • Using the appropriate tax tables and applicable deductions according to maximum limits, gross up checks are now supported with automatic calculation of deductions. This can be applied to any earnings types and deduction amounts.
    • Enhanced audit trail for Payroll now tracks changes made to Deductions, Tax Tables, Employee Deductions and Employee Pay Information. Reports display these changes along with date, time, and users who have made these changes.

Reporting – This is the lifeblood of a company, and Dynamics SL 2015 enhances the reporting functions for accounting users while further securing the availability of reports for non-accounting users.

  • Reports – Emailing – With just the click of a button, reports can be previewed and then emailed as an attachment. Additionally, new email capabilities have been added to the SAP Crystal Reports and Microsoft SQL Server Report Services (SSRS) preview interfaces. By simply selecting a report format and an email address, users can share report information.
  • Reports – Report Formats  Unlimited report formats are now supported. Additionally, a new feature now assists in choosing one of the unlimited report formats. This feature will define the most commonly used report format for a report by company, allowing a report, when it is opened, to default to the defined format.
  • Report – Meta data – Users will no longer need to guess what a field means when trying to select specific data to display on a report. For example, the field name “vr_01610A.acct” will be shown with the description, “Account.” Additionally, it will display a status indicating if the field is currently on the report (Yes or No) and whether it came from another table (e.g. Account.Acct).
  • Possible Values list More intuitive lookups – The same filter capabilities used in Quick Query to intuitively narrow your lookup options as you type now work in populating the possible values in all look up lists.
  • Quick Query – Refreshable Excel files – The Grid to Excel feature in Quick Query has been enhanced to support the creation of refreshable Excel table documents as well as pivot tables. Now data can be exported once and then opened and refreshed as many times as needed.

To find out more about Microsoft Dynamics SL 2015 and help upgrading to it, contact the experts at NexusTek. We can also help you to plan and implement your organization’s project-based ERP system using Dynamics SL.

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