The latest business trends are seeing more companies choosing a domestic outsource of their IT Services.

What is the reason for this change?

New technology has increased efficiencies and created scalable solutions for organizations of any size. Along with industry advancement, an increase in complexities and risks have made it more important (and more difficult) to find and partner with qualified, experienced professionals.

Companies large and small are finding that outsourcing their day-to-day and long-term technology needs is simply the best business decision to drive results.

Here are the top 7 business benefits of outsourcing your technology needs to a managed service provider:

# 1 — Your business needs your full attention

Stretching yourself too thin as a business owner is not a new concept and the reason such a high percentage of businesses fail within the first 2 years of starting up. If your business technology is running as it should then you can focus on furthering your business and getting farther in the black.

# 2 — Cost control

Managed IT Services bring the IT resources and expertise to you, eliminating the need for large expenditures in your IT staff. Whether you’re starting up, expanding, seasoned, or a business looking to attract investors, you know that funds allocated in the right places (driving revenue) is the best strategy for your business.

# 3 — Labor control

An experienced and well-staffed Managed Service Provider can offer a higher level of expertise, resources and enterprise-level tools and eliminating the added expense of a full-time employee with full benefits, vacation time, training, etc. The need to manage to the continued education of your IT staff will disappear because a well-managed IT firm will always be at the forefront of technology and training.

# 4 — Start new projects faster (and on time)

The information technology industry is ever-changing with new innovations appearing ever year. A strong IT firm has the power to hire multiple professionals with specialized skills eliminating the single-threaded fear. As technology evolves, an experienced outsource has the ability to maintain a diverse and skilled workforce that can handle almost any IT project. 

#5 — Increase efficiency

Companies determined to do every aspect of their business in-house quickly learn the terms “extension” & “over-budget.”  Tying up capital that could be going directly toward revenue-producing activities is a lesson in what not to do. If the technology and associated projects are launched efficiently and effectively, the direct result is that your staff will be efficient and effective as well. If these actions are delayed, the only outcome can be the opposite reaction.

#6 – A leveled playing field

Today’s technology and the professionals that provide service and support to that innovation continue to evolve. The advancements in Cloud technology has proven to be a valuable strategy for small and mid-sized businesses. No business need be “off the field” when leveraging the latest solutions and moreover, they  are said to be in a better position when adopting new technologies.

#7 — Hand off the risk

Your outsourced solution provider takes a majority of the risk when implementing your solution. And they are the experts in managing that risk within their own industry. Thus, leaving you to do your business and leave the technology (and the risk) to them.

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