If you are a project driven business, such as professional services, government contractors, distribution, construction management, and other vertical markets, then it’s likely you are managing a thousand things at once. In fact, we’ll wager that much of your to-do list revolves around the trifecta of managing customer demands, keeping up with compliance reporting, and delivering services on time and under budget. If so, then it’s even more likely that you are considering an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system.

Naturally, as Microsoft Gold Partners, we recommend, wholeheartedly, Microsoft Dynamic SL2015. It’s built to specifically manage people, projects, and profitability more efficiently with integrated project management and accounting. And if you’re a project-driven business, remember that most accounting software isn’t built for project work, and most industry-specific solutions lack the accounting tools you need. Dynamics SL 2015 does a great job bridging the gap with comprehensive project management functionality integrated with distribution, service, and robust accounting capabilities.

Customer reviews have been extremely positive with users cheering its “flexible, customizable, and deep project functionality.” Other customer comments include: “They have really hit a home run with some of the new tools, features and enhancements!” “The database is easy to navigate and the programs can be easily integrated with our own home grown system.” “We love the flexibility of Dynamics SL and being able to customize it if necessary.”

But with all that flexibility and functionality, comes a few challenges. Customers have also cited the downside to the “depth of features” that it can be time-consuming to implement and learn.

With the options available to this platform, customization is the groundwork to a highly efficient system. This is exactly where we come in.

How can NexusTek help?

Our services include business requirements analysis and consultation, system design, implementation and data migration. We also perform version upgrades, assist with failed project restarts, and offer comprehensive customization services.

This is why we are so proud of our team at NexusTek. Our talented and experienced team can provide our clients with streamlined project accounting, client and currency management, and complex financial reporting. Our clients gain critical financial management insights, meet industry compliance requirements and ultimately support expansion.


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