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Case Study:

An Industrial Tank Manufacturer

NexusTek provided the customer reliable, proactive managed IT and cybersecurity services so they could focus on running their heavy industrial construction business without worrying about their IT infrastructure’s health and security.

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U.S. Mountain West Region

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100+ employees

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Privately Held

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Steel Manufacturing & Construction


around the clock

Provided reliable, around-the-clock help desk support to keep employees productive

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Improved infrastructure quality and security through proactive monitoring and maintenance

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Enabled employee communication and collaboration from any location with Microsoft 365

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Strengthened security posture with 24/7/365 proactive monitoring and email filtering


As-needed strategic consulting and IT projects to build new or update existing infrastructure


Seeking a dependable managed services partner, this customer faced issues with their previous provider who maintained a reactive approach, raising leadership concerns. Essential tasks like timely software and hardware updates were neglected, compromising security. Communication strains heightened worries. Like many SMBs, they desired to concentrate on their core construction and manufacturing expertise, entrusting IT management and security to a trustworthy MSP. Their requirements encompassed proactive support for hardware, software, cybersecurity, disaster recovery, and project handling.


To begin the partnership with the customer, NexusTek assisted in concluding their strained relationship with the previous MSP through a lockout project, securing network boundaries. With a fresh start, Microsoft 365 was deployed to facilitate communication and collaboration. NexusTek’s Remote IT Services plan managed IT support while the Essential Cybersecurity plan and Veeam backup and disaster recovery solution addressed cybersecurity and data protection needs for the customer.


Empowered by NexusTek’s Remote IT Services, the customer achieved the proactive monitoring and reactive support they were looking for. Accessible 24/7, NexusTek’s help desk aids employees with device and application issues, while proactive patch management maintains updated software. Through proactive infrastructure monitoring, overlooked security vulnerabilities like outdated assets were identified, and technology consulting enabled issue resolution before major disruptions occurred. Microsoft 365 deployment enhanced employee productivity across the company’s three-state offices, fostering seamless communication and collaboration. Essential Cybersecurity safeguards against construction industry threats, offering 24/7 endpoint monitoring, email protection, and annual security reviews. NexusTek’s expertise facilitated successful project implementations, exemplified by strategic consulting and networking installations in a newly constructed warehouse. As a trusted technology partner, NexusTek ensures ongoing infrastructure maintenance and strategic planning for the customer.

This case study was prepared with the customer’s full knowledge and involvement. To respect the customer’s privacy, we have omitted their name, logo, and any other identifying information.

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