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Case Study:

A National Construction Company

NexusTek helped this customer to strengthen their cyber defenses against an escalating threat landscape in the construction industry, while keeping their IT infrastructure running smoothly and reliably.

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U.S. Mountain West Region

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220+ employees

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Privately Held

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Protects network against unauthorized user access

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Safeguards data backups from ransomware attacks and disasters

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Improves security posture to better satisfy cyber insurance criteria

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Keeps IT infrastructure running reliably

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Provides a single partner for cybersecurity and managed IT services


As a producer of precast concrete building components, the customer maintains a repository of sensitive data, such as intellectual property, architectural designs, and other customer data. As ransomware attacks surged in frequency in the construction industry, the customer recognized the urgent need to strengthen their cybersecurity defenses and protect their data. The customer was also interested in reducing their cyber insurance premiums, and they understood that improving their cybersecurity program could make this possible.

Without cybersecurity expertise internally, the company could not identify where their cybersecurity vulnerabilities lay, and without this understanding, they could not choose cybersecurity solutions that would resolve those vulnerabilities. The customer needed an expert assessment of their security posture to identify gaps in their cybersecurity, and they needed recommendations for appropriate solutions to close those gaps.


Having maintained a partnership with NexusTek for over 15 years in managed IT services, the customer sought NexusTek’s cybersecurity expertise for a comprehensive assessment. NexusTek conducted a thorough evaluation of proactive and reactive strategies, presenting recommendations to bolster defenses. Recognizing the vulnerability of their existing single-factor authentication system, the assessment prompted the implementation of multi-factor authentication (MFA) for enhanced user sign-in security. Additionally, addressing data protection concerns, NexusTek introduced a Datto backup solution that included offsite backups independent of the company’s main network. The discovery of overlooked standalone systems led to their incorporation into the new backup system, providing a more robust data protection framework.


By adopting Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), the customer has significantly reduced unauthorized sign-ins by requiring a third form of verification beyond traditional credentials, enhancing security against stolen or compromised passwords. MFA safeguards against ransomware and cyberattacks, protecting both their internal network and their customers or vendors. Implementing the Datto backup solution, the customer minimized data loss risks by storing offsite backups, countering ransomware’s threats and ensuring data accessibility during crises. Enhanced cybersecurity measures, including MFA and offsite backups, aligned with cyber insurance criteria, leading to lower premiums and a comprehensive cybersecurity program. With over 15 years of reliance on NexusTek for Complete Managed IT Services, the customer seamlessly integrated cyber solutions into their existing IT management, positioning themselves confidently in the precast concrete industry’s landscape.

This case study was prepared with the customer’s full knowledge and involvement. To respect the customer’s privacy, we have omitted their name, logo, and any other identifying information.

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