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Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS)

NexusTek offers customizable Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) to help organizations secure
a reliable IT infrastructure hosted in the cloud

What is IaaS?

NexusTek partners with some of the biggest names associated with the cloud such as VMWare, Citrix, Microsoft, Cisco, AT&T and HP Enterprise as well as hosting our cloud infrastructure in tier 4 and tier 5 datacenters. Additionally, IaaS customers have multiple choices for data recovery solutions to suit their needs, including cloud-2-cloud backup and replication. And when you decide to use NexusTek’s cloud infrastructure, NexusTek will take full responsibility for hosting and maintaining the servers, storage, and security infrastructure needed to operate your business.

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Benefits of IaaS

By utilizing a cloud-based infrastructure, the right IT partner will enable businesses to operate without the headaches associated with on-premise servers and other related on-premise hardware while maintaining, and often increasing, productivity. Also, Infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) provides cost efficiency by eliminating the need for large capital purchases and avoids technology obsolescence.


At least 25% of your workforce is outside of your main headquarters or primary locations

You cannot afford for your main application to be down for three to five days

You are not confident in your current disaster recovery plan

What's Your Cloud Strategy?

Your business needs will dictate the type of cloud your business should utilize. NexusTek IT Consultants will work with you to determine whether a private cloud, multi-cloud, public cloud, shared cloud or custom cloud solution is right for your business. Start with a thoughtful discussion regarding your business’ daily and strategic cloud services needs followed by a deep-dive into your IT infrastructure to determine the right cloud solution for your business.

Additionally, the NexusTek cloud is independently audited annually to meet the strict SSAE 18 SOC II standards and our cloud infrastructure is hosted in tier 4 and tier 5 datacenters.


IaaS Features Description
SLA 99.9% Uptime
Backup with Storage 7-Day Retention
Bandwidth 5 Mbps, Burstable
Compute Resources 2 Resource Pools in Starter (2 vCPU, 8GB vRAM)
Edge Security Managed Firewall Basic
Licensing Windows Server
Public IP Address 1 Public IP
Site to Cloud VPN 1 Site-2-Site VPN
Storage 200GB
IaaS Upgrades Description
Storage Standard Performance (monthly per 100GB) - NexusTek Cloud Storage High Performance (monthly per 100GB) - NexusTek Cloud Storage Low Performance (monthly per 100GB) - NexusTek Cloud Storage
DR Resource Pool (Cold) Cold IaaS DR Resource Pool (monthly) - NexusTek Cloud Storage
- Must meet or exceed total amount of NexusTek Cloud Production Resource Pool
Monitoring/Patching (RMM add-on) NexusTek Cloud Monitoring - Software Agents Installed per Resource Pool Includes:
- NexusTek RMM Agent installed in Windows in the Resource Pool

- Monitoring of Critical Events with Escalation (24x7x365)

- Windows Patch Management

- Remediation Available with Support Plan Enhancement
24x7 Support NexusTek Managed IT Service Plans for Users and Applications
Bandwidth 1Mbps Committed Bandwidth (per month) - NexusTek Cloud
Bring You Own Licensing Supported with Software Assurance having Mobility Rights
Cyber Security Monitoring NexusTek Managed SIEM per Server, Firewall and Network device
Firewall Managed Firewall Premium, including Advanced IDS/IPS/GeoIP
Load Balancer 1 Dedicated Load Balancer
Private Hosting Private Host Options Available
Public IP Additional Public IP Address - NexusTek Cloud
Rack Units 1 Rack Unit Fee - NexusTek Cloud
User-Level VPN Client-2-Site VPN License, Per User
X-Connect Datacenter Cross-Connect Fee - NexusTek Cloud

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