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Las Vegas Cloud Services

The Benefits of Using Cloud Services in Las Vegas

Has your company migrated to the cloud? The paradigm of cloud services allows the user to access data and applications anywhere in the world. The benefits of using a third-party cloud provider include cost-savings, speed, global reach, increased productivity, performance, scalability and reliability.

“Cloud computing is a rebranding of the Internet.” Reuven Cohen

Whether you consider it a rebranding or not, cloud computing has opened up an edge to business universes everywhere on Earth.

The Varieties and Benefits of Cloud Services

Cloud service providers offer managed, subscription services that build on top of each other with a public, private or hybrid cloud. The following services are managed by third-party providers only on public or hybrid clouds. Private clouds are managed by the enterprise that creates them.

  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS): Virtual infrastructure utilizing servers, storage, networks, and security for increased stability and reliability. Service is pay as you go for only what you use.
  • Desktop as a Service (DaaS): This is a scalable, highly secure virtual desktop. Think of it as a mobile work station, because it can be accessed anywhere that has an internet connection.
  • Software as a Service (SaaS): Cloud providers host, manage, and deliver software on demand, usually by subscription.

Not all cloud providers are the same. You’re trusting the provider with your business data and consequently your customers. The company must be reliable and have a formal management structure, be scalable using standard APIs, and be regulation-compliant. They should understand your type of business. Their risk management policies must be sound, and they should provide you with a service level agreement (SLA), detailed performance reports, along with automated billing and tracking controls.

Cloud computing gives you the critical data you need when managing a Las Vegas hotel, while vacationing in Singapore, attending meetings in Los Angeles or giving procurement approvals in real-time to your buyer in Paris. If you’ve not yet migrated to the cloud, contact us to show you what managed cloud services can do for your Las Vegas enterprise.

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