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Managed Patching Services

NexusTek’s managed patching services automatically update each aspect of your network, including the programs you rely on every day for computing, organizing and relaying data.

What is a Patch Management Service Provider?

Many organizations rely on a multitude of software to run their business. Often, that software requires “patches” or firmware updates to keep the software running safely, securely and efficiently. To keep up with the large amount of patching that is required throughout the calendar year, organizations will often turn to an IT services provider to handle the patch management duties on their behalf.

Securing Your Critical Data and Workstations

Just as new threats are constantly surfacing, so are the security measures to keep users safe and the programs used to optimize computing power. With so many programs, servers, workstations and computers supporting your business, keeping everything up-to-date is a job that requires complete attention. NexusTek gives you patch management services including software patches and updates to your system so you can focus more time on front office tasks that add value to your products and services.

With assistance from NexusTek, you can continue operating your business without interruption, and enjoy the reliability and security of a constantly monitored system. NexusTek’s remote managed patching services automatically update each aspect of your network, including the programs you rely on every day for computing, organizing and relaying data, as well as the underlying hardware and software that makes it work so seamlessly.

Therefore, a Patch Management policy for your third-party programs should sit seamlessly alongside your Microsoft Patch Management process.

Software patches accomplish a variety of goals and keeping your system updated is essential to keeping your business competitive, safe and modern. Many companies will introduce software patches when a problem is brought to their attention, if inconsistencies occur or if users require functionality that was not provided. A software patch will fix these problems, but only if it is installed and implemented correctly and in a timely manner.

Software patches are also used to keep systems competitive with other technologies, giving users more capabilities and keeping programs communicating correctly with new operating systems, hardware, servers, applications and other software. Finally, patches and updates are also used to block and guard against new cyber threats, such as viruses, worms and Trojans that are programmed to exploit certain weaknesses. These patches correct these openings and stop viruses from entering the network and propagating. By implementing these patches and keeping current, you can protect your network from malware that can damage or even destroy your system, compromise your information or your customers’.  NexusTek provides you with continuous monitoring services to automatically update your programs, individual computers, servers, firewalls and more, implementing any and all of these patches.

Stay On Top Of Your Software’s Important Updates

When you have multiple locations, multiple domains, firewalls, a wide array of users and many different technologies and programs to keep track of, maintaining current updates on all of your technology requires a dedicated IT department.  NexusTek acts as your IT department, updating your programs without taking time away from your business or employees. For more information on NexusTek’s patch management services, call today.

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