Our mission at NexusTek is to allow our customers to focus on their core business without worrying about technology headaches, leaving every interaction with us delighted


Passionate Customer Service

Hire and Retain The Best People

Treat People with Respect

Be Accountable – If We Broke It,
We Will Fix It

Be Responsible Stewards of
Our Business

Engage in a Meaningful Way
with Our Community

Integrity – Say What We Do,
and Do What We Say


Why Our Workplace Stays Awesome

WOWSA is an employee engagement committee, run by employees, for employees, to ensure that NexusTek is optimizing the work place and that our culture and people are our top priority. WOWSA is made up of employees who volunteer to advocate and give time on behalf of their teammates in every office to make our workplace great.

Charities Donated To
Employee Serve Hours
Offered Annually
Meals Packed
  • “Denver Field Engineering Team!! They've embraced change with their scheduling and have been a great team to work with.”

  • “Shout-out to the Phoenix NOC!  This team has had a hard few of months, but still come in and give their best.  I'm proud to work with them.“

  • “Ananya is great about getting contributions from our entire team and us making decisions as a PMO. She is a wonderful leader and I am grateful to be working under her direction!”

  • “Shout-out to Kevin for doing an exceptional job dispatching tickets this past year.”

  • “Robert goes out of his way to make sure his customers are happy and we delivered what we promise.”

  • “Garret is always innovating the way we look at the business and finding new ways to gain insight into how we can do better as a business.”

  • “Thank you to the WOWSA team and all Volunteers who joined the PENTA group this week!”

  • “Randy & Ramsey. Always reaching out to sales and operations to make sure we understand companies strategy and product direction. They promise to listen and they do!”

  • “Amanda was asked to assist Denver with a touchy client yesterday, she worked all morning with them today and knocked it out of the ballpark!  Thanks Amanda!” -Denver & Phoenix Team

  • “Shout out to Lynn.  He always has Finance Teams back on Process.  He is on anything needed whenever we have questions or need assistance with moving things forward.  You are Awesome Lynn!!”

  • “Sean has been going above and beyond taking on the role of leading and managing the Irvine support desk. He comes in early and stays late, makes sure his team has the resources they need, as well as he personally speaks to countless clients directly on a daily basis to make sure NexusTek is delivering outstanding support.”

  • “I want to thank Greg for acknowledging and recognizing his team's work! He is encouraging and supportive of what we need and I'm appreciative of his guidance!!”

  • “Owen ALWAYS makes you feel better just by saying hello or goodbye  I Love his attitude.”

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